walkin' on son-shine

it's beginning to look a lot like girls camp!

i am really excited to spend time with the fabulous girls in my ward/stake
& play & grow spiritually....whilst hiking, sleeping in tents & being in nature.

and i have to say that even though i've felt a little out of my comfort zone at times, i am entirely grateful for the opportunity i've had to prepare for camp: to prayerfully choose a ward theme, to read up about the light of christ & my savior & to get to know the inspiring/amazing girls in my ward.

i've learned so much already & we haven't even gone to camp yet! we're going to have the best time this week!!! catch ya on the flipside!


brave girl

chloe got her kindergarten shots today.

let's ignore the fact that i put that off til.the.last.possible.second
& talk about how great chloe did, despite her feelings of it being "pretty nervousing."

two pokes & not even one peep out of her.
so proud.

and the immunization lady received the
ultimate compliment when chloe told her,
"you were as gentle as mary holding the baby jesus."

my little kindergartner{!!!!} cracks me up.



last week, you know the day when it was really windy? well, my mom & i were chillin' outside in my front yard & she was getting somethin' out of her purse, and a $50 bill flew out. so, i started like chariots of fire-ing it down the street and *almost* didn't catch it. every time i would reach for it, a gust of wind blew it further! but luckily i was able to grab it before it went into the busier road. it was seriously hilarious! we laughed so hard! and it makes me lol just thinking about it. good times.

i've been losing my keys [and mind!] a lot lately. on saturday i dropped chloe off @ her dance rehersal & came home to bake brownies for her recital that was 2 hours later. i set my keys down in their usual place & when livy & i were ready to return, they were no where to be found! i searched and searched & stressed & stressed. finally my parents came & rescued me. i walked in 2 numbers before chloe's dance. whew. i was so scared i'd miss my girl! *ps: we found the keys in the bathtub. hmm. i wonder which blond toddler is responsible? and i wonder if it's the same blond toddler who's hid the other 3 sets i've lost & never found this year?

speaking of keys, myron took my keys to work, even though he carpools/didn't drive today. so, by necessity, i drove his truck today for the first time. i learned that i am ridiculous for being afraid all this time because it wasn't scary to drive at all. i also learned that it has no ac & i don't remember myron telling me that. he probably didn't want me to feel guilty for driving the better car.

ps: our "better car" has 3 hubcaps & no driver side door handle. we're classy.

i watched the dilemma today. and it is official: my number one actor crush, is vince vaughn.

our quail are laying eggs! they are so tiny and cute. i can't wait to make a fried egg the size of a quarter! it's going to be so tender. and funny.

i'm so glad olivia won the biggest loser. i have LOVED this season! inspires me.

today i trimmed and mowed the lawn. i felt like a legit man & the sun gave me a headache. but, oh, how i cherish a freshly mowed lawn.

camp is coming together! still have a lot to do. my biggest stress [not really] is what.on.earth am i going to do with my hair for 4 days/no showers? jk, but seriously. [suggestions are welcome!] after one night of sleeping, i look like death meets crack addict meets host of minute to win it. i can handle no makeup {it'll be just like home!}, but my hair must be washed and blowed dry daily. please help.

i have zero desire to attend my 10 year high school reunion. even if it was free. does that make me a horrible person?

oh yay! myrons home. which means, he will kiss me on the forehead, go water the garden, check on the birds, wash his hands, change his clothes, ask me what we had for dinner, and then ask me about my day/life. [can you say creature of habit?] and then we will talk whilst 1/2 way watching jimmy fallon. love him. [him meaning myron, but i love jimmy too.]

'nite. :)

couch potato

ask me if i saved up all my loads of wash for today
so i could feel productive & fold my little heart out
during tonight's 2 hour season premiere of the bachelorette.

why yes, yes. i did.

oh, the, drama.
oh the awkward drama!
could you die @ mask face man?
i {love} wine vineyard guy.
please die bentley.
and first impression rose was a good choice, IMO.

and though i'm [not] much of a huge ashley h. fan,
i will probably watch the whole season anyway.

tomorrow i shall iron & sew cute yellow ruffles on pillowcases for camp
while i watch the biggest loser finale! [go olivia!!!]

i heart tv.


weekly planner

on sunday nights, i try to sit down with myself & sort of roughly plan out my week.

this week is gonna be a doozy.
a crazy, happy, doozy though.

kinda my goal for the next 7 days is a trusty fave, go-to quote by
president benson:

"when we put god first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. our love of the lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities."

isn't that so good? and true?

i know my best, most focused, busiest-but-in-a-weird-way most kick back, smooth sailing days are the ones i let the spirit guide my choices and actions. when i acknowledge god: how much he's given to me, how much he's blessed me with, & how much i desire to please and serve him...i have happier days.

last week i had a hard time doing that.
i felt like my old-self: constantly stressed & worried about situations i couldn't control, obsessing over randoms that i know won't matter in the eternal scheme of things, and choosing to feel hurt & offended by people that seem to misunderstand us.

i know that all i can do is work on me.
work on how i approach situations.
and relinquish control to the god who made me...who can see the end from the beginning.

i plan to create a week full of joy....
taking a proverbial chill-pill {if you will}

laughing more with my family,
trying more to be sensitive to the needs & feelings of others,
taking time to be patient with my kids,
making mundane things like cleaning my filthy house more fun by jamming music,
striving to be a helpful and positive employee,
making my home life sweeter & simpler with my cute kids & handsome husband,
and prepping for camp [9 days!] with a grateful heart.

and when i feel overwhelmed, [notice i said when, not if]
i will take a moment to breathe & remember my love for the lord.
because seeking his guidance has always shown me true happiness.

i am feeling particularly thankful for this blog slash journal of mine.
i re-read this post tonight & it reminded me of truths i occasionally forget.
it helped me re-focus & re-charge.
it showed me how far i've come,
and how much i sincerely desire to gradually keep moving forward.


our graduate

chloe's all growed up.

her preschool graduation was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

she welcomed everyone & did such a cute job.

before the graduation she said,
"mom, being on stage is kind of nervousing, but don't worry, grandma goose got us nervous glasses so we won't be scared."

she & her little friends did a great job on their program, while i sat in the audience, crazy-proud-mom style, lovin' every minute.

a huge thanks to her amazing teacher who taught so many wonderful things, inspired creativity & always helped my baby feel loved. ♥


my peeps

today was much happier.
thanks for letting me blog wednesday out of my system.

in other news, i live with {really cute} humans.
like, let's get real....i would have married this man for his freckles alone.
and let's not even talk about those darling smile lines by his eyes.
swoon/love him.
*and his mini blonde twin.

and let's not forget about his other twin, of whom i equally adore:
{she graduates preschool tomorrow, p.s.}

after feeling so crummy yesterday,
i discussed things with trusted family & prayed about my concerns.

the answer i received was this:

the lord knows our hearts.
he knows our capacities & he is proud of what good we are accomplishing,
however small & simple it might be.

and i was gently nudged again,
to try not to let random drama & stressful situations steal any energy that could otherwise be put towards loving & playing with & serving the above sweet people.

note taken. with a grateful heart. ♥


nothin' to prove

today was pretty great.
i had a hair appointment, which always lifts the spirits.
i also took a nap in the gorgeous weather {on my hammock} which doesn't happen very often.

but if i'm being [really] honest, today has had some hard moments too.
and i'm not going to dwell on them, but, let's just say,
i'm ending the day feeling super inadequate & really discouraged.

and what do i generally do when i feel inadequate & discouraged?
i cry. and give myself a migraine.

so, after a mini-pep-talk & hug from my husband before he left for work, two tylonol pm, a big glass of ice water & looking up all the scriptures on "enduring" in the topical guide of the scriptures...

i am headed to bed.
tomorrow, my "confidence will wax strong" & things will be okay.

and i'm going to remember the amazing sentiments of this inspiring post.
{i'm thinkin' about tattooing that poem on my forearm.}
k, not really, but it's so powerful. lovelovelovelovelovelove it.

here's to an amazing thursday! ♥


8 years ago today

was a very happy day.
and so is today.

happy anni, babe.
looking forward to eternity.
love you so much. ♥


the gift that keeps on giving

pretty much the awesomest {it's a word} thing happened to me.

my cute friend megan gave me her piano.

and yes, i just said, my cute friend megan GAVE ME HER PIANO!

unbeknownst to her, i have been telling the universe for [months] that i desperately wanted a piano for my home. i wasn't picky about the shape or size or brand or age. i've just always, always wanted a happy little piano.

i was {beyond} thrilled to take it off her hands & every time i see it i'm filled with gratitude for what a blessing it is to me.

i love music. i love singing. {even though i'm not very good at it, and am VERY shy to perform, ever.}

after my current massive project {camp} is over, i am going start tickling the ivories again.

i'm gonna bust out the children's songbook & hymn book & yummy sheet music galore-& re-learn how to play.

i'll be rockin' the Every-Good-Boy-Does-Fine & All-Cows-Eat-Grass action.
i'll be counting the 1-ee-&-ah, 2-ee-&-ah's galore.
i'll be markin' my sharps & flats with a pencil 'cause i always blasted forget them!

and every sibling of mine MUST come over and play "indians" for old times sake.

so[SO]so excited.


the results

i come to you, two weeks later, with the results of my little social experiment.

turns out that reducing my internet time has been {hardcore} inspired for me.
it's been super helpful for my sanity to be away from all the buzz on facebook lately.

i basically learned what i already knew: too much information, too many ideas & opinions...is overwhelming & discouraging to me.

i am
definitely going to continue with my facebook & google-reader hiatus.
abstaining from it has increased my peace & clarity....just as i expected.

but today, as i was watching chloe delight over the blooming of our 3rd zinnia....
i found myself wanting to bottle up that sweet, happy moment forever.

and the best [and most efficient way] i know of to bottle up moments, is blogging.

so, i think i'll continue with my angieinpink-ness.
in a simpler format.

because it's fun & i miss it.
and because i want to record our little life story & share my angie-heart with my tiny corner of the world.

i'm super grateful for the encouragement i've received from friends to keep blogging in a way that feels balanced & uplifting to me.

here's to simple, happy posts about a simple, happy life.


a social expiriment

my floors have been covered in some sort of sticky substance for almost 3 days.
i'm behind on pretty much everything & haven't grocery shopped in 2 weeks.
i'm feeling on the ball with girls camp plans, but there's still a lot to do.
i've tried to exercise for the past week, and i don't get farther than lacing up my shoes.
working part time fills up all the leisurely hours i used to enjoy to myself.
and on top of all of that, i try to remain calm, positive, happy & content.

it just seems like there are lots of [necessary] priorities lately.
priorities that i know are important, but ones that stretch & challenge me too.

in most ways i am happier than i've ever been-and i really mean that!
but in some ways i feel more discombobulated than i've ever felt, too.

in relief society yesterday, we had an excellent & inspiring lesson entitled, "hearing the voice of the lord & finding peace in a world full of noise."

this lesson resonated with me so much because it pinpointed how things have felt lately: noisy.
[so] noisy that it has been hard to focus & feel inspired.

our darling teacher challenged us to ask ourselves, "what sacrifice would you be willing to make to have a more peaceful life & reduce the inner noise, so that you can hear the lord's voice in your life?"

i thought about that [long & hard] all day yesterday & today.
i know everyone's' answer to that question is different.

but i [know] & feel, very strongly, that my answer {for me} is the internet.
it's time for me to take a little [cold turkey] break from blogging & facebook & google reader.

at first it was a little hard for my stubborn self to admit that,
because i really enjoy chatting & keeping in touch, and sharing & learning & feeling inspired by all y'alls blogs. i mean, i've been blogging & keeping up on other peoples' blogs almost everyday for a few years now! it's just something i do!

but, i'm realizing that with the {really} good has also come some bad.
sometimes, i get more focused on sharing myself with others, than i do my own little family.
sometimes, i compare my talents to other bloggers & feel crappy about myself.
sometimes, i get get fired up about a status or blog that hurt my feelings.
sometimes, i feel random, unneeded pressure with it all-which might not make sense.

this feels like a break-up, and it shouldn't be that dramatic. haha.
it's not you, it's me. ;)

i just need a little time to re-group & reduce my inner noise *if you will. :)
i need to experiment with a simpler life for a while.

i hope that i can find a way to balance it all someday, but this just isn't my season for that.

i know that i'm in one of the most beautiful seasons of my life-with small babies at home. one that is spent creating a world that is sweet & magical for them. every night i kiss their foreheads & humbly feel the power of that sacred stewardship that god has entrusted myron & i with.

tonight i recorded chloe singing one of my favorite primary songs. it makes me feel peace. i feel god guiding me in my life. i acknowledge his hand in all i have. and the older i get, the more i realize i need his constant support & companionship.

you probably didn't need to know all of that.
but i just wanted to explain my internet-hiatus that i'm about to take.
and thank you for reading my silly blog and all my random thoughts throughout the day.
and thank you for just being my friends despite my [many] faults & drama-queen tendencies.
i love you!

i don't know how long i'll be,
but ta-ta-for-now. :)

email me: angieinpink@gmail.com
'cause i'll miss ya. ♥