nothin' to prove

today was pretty great.
i had a hair appointment, which always lifts the spirits.
i also took a nap in the gorgeous weather {on my hammock} which doesn't happen very often.

but if i'm being [really] honest, today has had some hard moments too.
and i'm not going to dwell on them, but, let's just say,
i'm ending the day feeling super inadequate & really discouraged.

and what do i generally do when i feel inadequate & discouraged?
i cry. and give myself a migraine.

so, after a mini-pep-talk & hug from my husband before he left for work, two tylonol pm, a big glass of ice water & looking up all the scriptures on "enduring" in the topical guide of the scriptures...

i am headed to bed.
tomorrow, my "confidence will wax strong" & things will be okay.

and i'm going to remember the amazing sentiments of this inspiring post.
{i'm thinkin' about tattooing that poem on my forearm.}
k, not really, but it's so powerful. lovelovelovelovelovelove it.

here's to an amazing thursday! ♥


Kim & Max Willis family said...

i was feeling super stressed and overwelmed but after i read your post it made me feel better. It makes me relize that we all feel inadaquite, stressed, and have horrible days. And what is the purpose for feeling this way.... nothing..... life is not worth feeling worthless. everything will be okay:) ready for camp???AAHHHHH!!!
loves ya-

rachbechep said...

Okay...I feel exactly the same way tonight. How is it that it feels we have off days on the same days and really high days on the same days too?! If it makes you feel better I love you!!! And I seriously hope you have a better day tomorrow. Wishing you well....

Megan said...

angie: you inspire me always! you always say the most perfect things that i need to hear. i wish i could be more like you :) thank you for helping me, always

The Wizzle said...

Hair appointments fix darn near anything. Or they should!

Off days are poopy. I hope tomorrow starts fresh and confident!

Jamie said...

Ang here is to Thursday! Keep your chin up friend - we can do hard things! {♥} ya

Bev said...

Start every day off with a Pepsi and it helps!!
If you only knew how each of us struggles too, and you always seem to know the right things to put on your blog to help us while you help yourself! You are loved my MANY!!

Durfee Family said...

Love you! Thank you. YOU help me.

granny said...

Things have a way of working out.

My old stand-by phrase, I know, but honestly, they do.

Love you.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

Thank you for this post. im actually feeling like that--needing to justify/prove myself and what i think and stand my ground--RIGHT NOW! i feel drained and a lil sad at the same time. You have pretty red toes too--and how relaxing to rest on the hammock on a day like yesterday! :)

Staci said...

just keep checking out your hot new hair & you will feel better;)

I hope things are better today!!!