things to be happy about

01. first and foremost, this picture. *might be my favorite of all time.
02. it's the day after class, which i [always] designate as a mental health day
03. chloe's rendition of "stuck like glue" {hilarious!}
04. camp plans comin' together [slowly but surely]
05. the new workout playlist i just created [i will share soon]
06. deciding to put off purchasing a swimming suit for 1 more month [sigh of relief]
07. myron doing amazing with the single-dadhood at nightime when i'm at work
08. my cute friend annie's inspiring youtube channel
09. plans for a homemade pedicure later today {time for summery toes!}
10. picking up my framed carl bloch print from hobby lobby this afternoon! [thank you debra!]


farmer myron, part 2

my super cute husband has been wanting to get some baby quail for our little wanna-be backyard homestead for a while now.

his dream [slash serious obsession] became a reality easter weekend, when 20-ish feathered friends joined the dunn family.

the little girls {including cousin 'vaeh} are [absolutely] in love with "the birdies".

and i'll admit, i like them too.


art masterpiece

the other day when chloe was visiting her nama's house,
mike [remember mike?] generously gave her this awesome art set & easel.

as they were drawing, chloe said:
"don't forget to sign your name-all GREAT artists sign their name."

we don't know where she gets this stuff.
but she's sure a crack up.

we love our little artist.



miracle #1:
my baby [loves] broccoli.
raw broccoli, straight out of the fridge door.
eats it all day.
hilarious, but i'll take it.

miracle #2:
i scrubbed the girls' bathroom.

such an event is picture & blog worthy: trust me.


my truth


over time, since forever, i have struggled [hardcore] with body image issues.
at certain points in my life, i have let my obsession with food & weight completely destroy my happiness.
that might qualify me as legit crazy.
but it's the truth.

when chloe was a babe, i started a separate blog [angieinshape] about it.
i've poured out my soul on both blogs about my pitfalls & discouragements related to health.
i've been on all kinds of diets, things even as ridiculous as the infamous kelly kapoor cleanse.
i've shared my breakthroughs & lessons.

it's never been about the number on the scale.
i was just as secretly miserable at 85 pounds as i was at my heaviest.
it's always been about the inside.

i try to always be as open as possible...and share the real side of me.
sometimes i painfully regret being so honest about the real side of me.
but when i come to center & strip myself of pride, i am always grateful for posting it all.

i believe in sharing.
i believe that we go through trials & hard times so that we can learn compassion & help others.

my eating disorders & image issues have made me a better person.
i am grateful to a heavenly father who has allowed me the opportunity to grow through it all.
the experiences that i have had have taught me who i truly am & who i am striving to become.

it used to be a mystery to me, why i battle with these inner demons, though.
i grew up always feeling safe & loved...with parents who never, ever put pressure on me to look or be a certain way.
they always showed love & concern when i expressed discontentment with myself.

after sincerely praying about this, i have come to believe that these tendencies of mine are no one's fault.
it's simply the adversary's most effective temptation that he uses to paralyze my spirit.
he is often successful in his attempts.
he strives to make me feel bad about myself enough, so i abuse myself physically & emotionally.
thus, preventing me from living my truth.

and even though i continue to struggle, i know that i always have a choice whether i want to overcome, or give into discouragement & defeat.

i know that i can do all things through christ who strentheneth me.

it is my greatest desire to be able to healthfully have another baby [someday] & be a healthy example to my family. i want to start taking better care of myself, so that i can more fully take care of others. i want to let my whole self shine.

this week, it has become very real & apparent to me, that is it is beyond due-time to live my truth.

my truth is this:
health does not mean being tiny & ripped & physically beautiful.

health to me is: striving, one bite at a time, for balance & moderation in all things.
health to me is: taking care of my body in the best way that is possible for me & my season.
health to me is: living a life of virtue and integrity.
health to me is: being kind & forgiving to myself and others.
health to me is: being physically active and present in my own life.
health to me is: finding beauty in others' eyes & hearts & spirits.
health to me is: throwing away all unneeded emotional baggage.
health to me is: living a lifestyle that will afford me the energy & stamina to serve my god.
health to me is: striving for perfection, but NOT to be perfect.
health to me is: selflessness, hope, and wisdom in all things.

today i'm setting a goal.
not a crazy workout regimen or a strict diet plan,
but just a promise to myself to more fully live my truth.

and i know that if i live in and ask in humility, god will bless me with the light i need to guide me through it all.


he is risen!

we had a beautiful easter.

the girls got to wear their darling new dresses.
[compliments of nama & mike ♥]

the easter bunny left goodies.
church was wonderful.
got in a 2 hour & 20 minute springtime siesta.
visited family for lovely festivities.

i am so grateful for my savior, jesus christ.
i know he lives.


richly blessed

moments like these make me forget about $4 gasoline, a weak sauce economy & a trillion bazillion dollar deficit.

moments like these, make me feel like a millionaire. ♥


another boring list

i know my blog is boring with a capitol B lately.
i'm in one of those internet funks...ya know, an internet funk?
it's a thing.
or am i the only one who has those?

tonight i'm going to make a trusty top ten of a few randoms i'm grateful for.
because that's always fun & uplifting for the soul.

01. first & formost, myron, for fixing the shower door [bless you, dear husband]
02. our new baby quail...we welcomed some feathered friends into the fam
03. a relief society lesson to prepare-it's topic very timely & inspired for me
04. jamie for remembering to clock me out tonight {she's always got my back}
05. my mother in law, who juiced me beet juice to help my struggling gall bladder
06. a tender season finale to parenthood....i cried. did you cry? i always cry.
07. the fact that my kitchen is almost clean. not totally. but almost.
08. livy & nevaeh dancing to the olivia theme song. *makes my heart happy.
09. claud, my bff & constant voice of reason
10. listening to chloe sing "i will follow god's plan for me" {also makes me cry!}

someday i won't be boring.
until then, i think i'll go count sheep until i fall asleep.
*pretty sure i'll get to about .5 sheep & be snoring.


vote holly 4 sbp

if you know anyone that goes to mesa high:
tell them to vote for my little sister!

holly is runnin' for student body president.
and of course her campaign slogan is "trust the mustache"....
because she's hilarious & SO much fun.

holly is all kinds of darling & fun & confident,

and positive & happy & sweet,

creative & amazing & organized,

and most of all....she [LOVES] her school!
{purple+gold 4ever.}

and, she dressed up as a full-fledged, head-to-toe monkey @ her last school dance.

she's pure awesome.
spread the word.



sweet, sweet livy throwing a this-is-why-it's-called-the-terrible-two's tantrum.

5 year old chloe posing.

me, in the bathroom mirror: self-portrait style.

lung infection/fever-sportin' myron, out {among the weeds} replacing the radiator....because he's amazing like that.


wise words from a wise woman

"We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." — Marjorie Pay Hinckley


i can't believe she's 5!

i've been mia in the blogging world this week.
had a lot of work-related stuff goin' on.
{my mickey mania class was friday...more on that later.}

the last big event of the week was a very last minute/semi-impromtu b-day party for our sweet chloe.

i zipped around invites to her nearby friends, bought a pinata & crossed my fingers that it wouldn't rain.

it rained.
but thanks to playdough, my lifesaver cousin rachel & my pizza delivery [wo]man claud, it went fabulous despite the indoorness. :)

turns out 5 year olds are easy to please.

it was a fun afternoon celebrating a very special girl.
thanks to all our family & friends for making chlo' feel SO special this week!
happy birthday babe!


i'm a mormon

every april & october my church holds a special conference where we get to be taught & counseled by the prophet and general authorities of our church.

i look forward to this all year.
this spring's sessions were uplifting & amazing.
{*they always are.}
take a peek here if you are interested in watching/listening to any of the talks.

my fam also had a combined birthday party for my dad & chloe this weekend.

as a birthday gift for my dad, i compiled: the dixon siblings' & our spouses' + a few of the grand-kids' testimonies & put them into a {very} simple scrapbook.

the pages of this book are special & not mine to share, except this one:
[click to enlarge/read]

i have such a desire to share these things that i know as truth.
*shouting from the rooftops-style.
i like to share it because it is truly the greatest source of my happiness.

i choose to be, and am humbled by the blessing it is to be, a mormon.