things to be happy about

01. first and foremost, this picture. *might be my favorite of all time.
02. it's the day after class, which i [always] designate as a mental health day
03. chloe's rendition of "stuck like glue" {hilarious!}
04. camp plans comin' together [slowly but surely]
05. the new workout playlist i just created [i will share soon]
06. deciding to put off purchasing a swimming suit for 1 more month [sigh of relief]
07. myron doing amazing with the single-dadhood at nightime when i'm at work
08. my cute friend annie's inspiring youtube channel
09. plans for a homemade pedicure later today {time for summery toes!}
10. picking up my framed carl bloch print from hobby lobby this afternoon! [thank you debra!]


Bev said...

11~THIS POST MAKES ME HAPPY! Especially that pic!! hahahahaha!!!

Kim said...

Cutest picture ever!!!

Class was great last night...I loved all the pages!!! {Like I do every month} Will miss not having class next month but I understand, May is a super buzzy month for me every year!

anniebobannie said...

So glad I made your List! YOU make me happy!

Unknown said...

That picture is tdf. Garnered a belly laugh from BYU campus! Is love to know which carl bloch print you have. We just toured the exhibit.

The Wizzle said...

That picture is awesome.

I would love to hear your workout playlist - I have recently realized that running requires a very different set of music than what I usually choose to listen to in my "leisure" time! Got to step it up, like, 50 energy levels.

rachbechep said...

Oh I love liv!

Kaytie Brown said...

That FACE!!! Love it.

granny said...

Pigtails! I love it!