a social expiriment

my floors have been covered in some sort of sticky substance for almost 3 days.
i'm behind on pretty much everything & haven't grocery shopped in 2 weeks.
i'm feeling on the ball with girls camp plans, but there's still a lot to do.
i've tried to exercise for the past week, and i don't get farther than lacing up my shoes.
working part time fills up all the leisurely hours i used to enjoy to myself.
and on top of all of that, i try to remain calm, positive, happy & content.

it just seems like there are lots of [necessary] priorities lately.
priorities that i know are important, but ones that stretch & challenge me too.

in most ways i am happier than i've ever been-and i really mean that!
but in some ways i feel more discombobulated than i've ever felt, too.

in relief society yesterday, we had an excellent & inspiring lesson entitled, "hearing the voice of the lord & finding peace in a world full of noise."

this lesson resonated with me so much because it pinpointed how things have felt lately: noisy.
[so] noisy that it has been hard to focus & feel inspired.

our darling teacher challenged us to ask ourselves, "what sacrifice would you be willing to make to have a more peaceful life & reduce the inner noise, so that you can hear the lord's voice in your life?"

i thought about that [long & hard] all day yesterday & today.
i know everyone's' answer to that question is different.

but i [know] & feel, very strongly, that my answer {for me} is the internet.
it's time for me to take a little [cold turkey] break from blogging & facebook & google reader.

at first it was a little hard for my stubborn self to admit that,
because i really enjoy chatting & keeping in touch, and sharing & learning & feeling inspired by all y'alls blogs. i mean, i've been blogging & keeping up on other peoples' blogs almost everyday for a few years now! it's just something i do!

but, i'm realizing that with the {really} good has also come some bad.
sometimes, i get more focused on sharing myself with others, than i do my own little family.
sometimes, i compare my talents to other bloggers & feel crappy about myself.
sometimes, i get get fired up about a status or blog that hurt my feelings.
sometimes, i feel random, unneeded pressure with it all-which might not make sense.

this feels like a break-up, and it shouldn't be that dramatic. haha.
it's not you, it's me. ;)

i just need a little time to re-group & reduce my inner noise *if you will. :)
i need to experiment with a simpler life for a while.

i hope that i can find a way to balance it all someday, but this just isn't my season for that.

i know that i'm in one of the most beautiful seasons of my life-with small babies at home. one that is spent creating a world that is sweet & magical for them. every night i kiss their foreheads & humbly feel the power of that sacred stewardship that god has entrusted myron & i with.

tonight i recorded chloe singing one of my favorite primary songs. it makes me feel peace. i feel god guiding me in my life. i acknowledge his hand in all i have. and the older i get, the more i realize i need his constant support & companionship.

you probably didn't need to know all of that.
but i just wanted to explain my internet-hiatus that i'm about to take.
and thank you for reading my silly blog and all my random thoughts throughout the day.
and thank you for just being my friends despite my [many] faults & drama-queen tendencies.
i love you!

i don't know how long i'll be,
but ta-ta-for-now. :)

email me: angieinpink@gmail.com
'cause i'll miss ya. ♥


Jentry said...

i just want you to know that I love you & everytime i read this here bloggity blog of yours I feel inspired, encouraged, i feel like i want & need to do more!
i will miss you via blog slash facebook slash internet world, but thats why I'm lucky you're my sister-in-law ;)

ps: seriously, if you need help with anything i'll be glad to help with the girlies or whatever you need! that's what sisters are for! :)

Ryan and LeDawn said...

I totally hear you on the hiatus! Last week I was do busy I couldn't keep up with my reader and friends blogs and fb. And you know what? It stressed me out to the max that my reader had over 2000 unread things. No matter how hard I tried to catch up I couldn't and I was losing sleep over it. I finally took a deep breathe and decided there isno craft or crafty inspiration that important that if I missed it,it would killme. So I deleated all. And I panicked at first, but was so relieved. However each day it piles up to the hundreds again and I usually can't get thru it before bed and it stresses me out! I need to unfollow lots ofblogs or take a break completely cuz it's ruling my life! Maybe I will follow suit to some degree! And I'm sure once thisbaby comes I will be exhuasted and I do not need the Internet stressing me out! Thanks for the inspiration and seriously you are the cutest thing!!!! I love your blog!!!!

Lisa said...

You will be missed,
but totally understand.
I love you Angie Dixon Dunn!
Lisa R.

anniebobannie said...

Just so you know, you are one of my favorite people and your blog always brightens my day! You have an amazing perspective and you always help me refocus! You are so kind and caring and I love you for it! Enjoy your break, you will be missed, go find your peace!

Heidi said...

I admire your ability to go cold-turkey! If I had real friends in my life and not just electronic ones, I'd do the same. :)

jack+alli said...

thank you for all of your wonderful posts. i have enjoyed them all! i feel like i am in the same boat as you on this one. exactly!

Leslie said...

I'm glad you didn't just disappear. :) Hang in there and 'enjoy the silence' (a little depeche mode won't hurt). ;)

The Wizzle said...

Well, I'd love to know how it goes! I have cut back and I love the difference. I would miss you more (but I know where to find you :)).

granny said...

That song made me cry. I admire your ability to recognize and step away from something that is making your life less peaceful. Love you forever.

Bev said...

Personally, I think you should stay away from RS and lessons that make you withdraw from us that love you so much!!! I was in the nursery so I missed that lesson. I think I'll just drop by your house every day and get a blog post in person....and I promise if you see my "mug" every day you'll be back blogging before you know it!
I bet you'd be surprised to know how much you will be missed......but I totally understand. Enjoy~!

Lori said...

Well I hope this is just an experiment and not something you plan on doing forever. I love, love your posts. I had the same problem for a while and then I decided that I would only post either 1-2 times a month. I allow myself only 15 minutes every day to look at blog favorites (yours is one) and Facebook and then I'm off. Of course some months are better than others. Best of luck - but I do hope you will reconsider.

Tanya Leigh said...

Congratulations, Angie. You are an inspired & inspiring gal. I am proud to know you, and my fam & I always say how you and Myron are so sweet and perfect for each other. I cannot believe how sweet that video of Chloe is singing that song - I get to play piano for Primary in our ward, and that song is such a testimony builder. I love hearing all the children sing it!

You are wise beyond your years. Eat up this season; I've been trying to do the same. Sometimes it seems like we have to fight "noise" tooth-&-nail, and I am finding that LESS is most-definitely MORE.

Best of luck! *& happy Mother's Day!*

♥Tami said...

Love this post! We could all benefit taking a break from the internet or t.v. or whatever is filling our time! You are very inspirational! Thank you!