sweet & simple

tonight me & chloe decorated our little christmas tree together.

it was nothing short of pure christmas joy-
she got excited by every ornament, light, & sparkle.

i've pretty much decided that this year is going to be a simple christmas.

we're gonna have lots of fun together-but really {try} to control the stress & busy.
*nix the unnecessary & focus on the things that matter most.

...& a cozy, quiet evening at home, decking the halls with my four-year-old
was the perfect, most magical way of getting into that spirit.


2 items of business

item #1:

i was accumulating lots of random kits from past classes & other things...
so i put them up {for sale} in my studioangieinpink etsy shop.

check it out {& purchase} if you so desire! :)

item #2:

also: my [super darling] little sis holly makes really cute headbands.
[like this one of chloe's.]

she calls them holly's headgear & she's having a boutique on the 7th!
*just in time for christmas.

hit up her blog for more details!

*end of business*
have a happy week everyone!



-traditional yummy thanksgiving breakfast made by myron's mom
-dixon feast w/ 25 loved ones
-me, overestimating the amount of mashed potatoes to make, by about 15 pounds
-me, clogging the garbage disposal with potato peels [also a tradition]
-having a spend-the-night at granny's
-lots of naps & even more carbs
-taking chloe to see {tangled} with the cousins {so cute!}
-chilling with out-of-town peeps
-ignoring black friday w/ no regrets
-teaching livy to say "oh snap"
-glorious weather status all week long
-planning a saturday morning clean-the-house movement
-late bedtimes {it's 1:34.}


happy thanksgiving!

it's been pretty awesome posting all the many things i am thankful for this month.

i really am [so full of gratitude] for all the many blessings that god has given me.

what i am most thankful for in this life, is people.

*my husband & babies.
*my family, immediate & extended.
*my friends-old friends, new friends, work friends, church friends, www friends.
*my neighbors.
*random folks i meet throughout the day.
*the stranger in front of me @ the sonic drive thru that surprised me by paying for my food.

i'm thankful for humanity.
i'm grateful for diversity.

i'm thankful for the people that love me unconditionally and are easy to love back.

i'm grateful for circumstances in relationships that may "test my walk with jesus" at times, but consequently teach me to love like he would.

i'm thankful for my association with so many wonderful human beings.

there really is beauty in everyone.
i'm grateful to {really} know that.

happy thanksgiving from my heart to yours!

worth celebrating

today i am grateful for this guy.
*all 31 years of him.

happy birthday boyfriend-you are my everything.
love, ang


"family night"

i am thankful for little, silly, day-to-day moments with my family.

myron's usually working a shift or catching sleep between shifts.
...{so} we try to make the most of our precious time together.

any time that daddy's home, morning or evening,
chloe refers to as "family night" and we just play.

i'm grateful for our "family nights."

*i love these three people more than [words in a blog] can express.


jimmy love

tonight i am grateful for jimmy fallon.

IMO, the best late night talk show host ever.
*{RIP conan, you have been replaced.}

i first fell in love with him in this movie:

he's downright adorable & totally hilarious.
entertains me greatly- every night from 11:30pm-12:30am-ish.

so talented.
so my style of funny.

i don't watch much tv these days.
['cause is it just me, or are all the shows getting boring.com?]

but jimmy & the roots- never disappoint.


thoughts & a video at 12:26am

it's late. [actually: it's early.]

i just applied the loveliest shade of {rusty-colored} nail polish to my fingers & toes.
bought it @ walgreens tonight for 99 cents, thankyouverymuch.
*along with a couple trusty {snickers ice cream bars} for me & the mr.

i'm happy.
smiling & going about my usual angie-"evening" alone.
doin' some dishes, rockin' some tunes, facebooking, reflecting, pondering & planning.
i feel light.

it feels good,
'cause ya know-
for a long time i think i got used to my heart feeling really heavy.
full of emotion and stress and worry and doubt and overall yuckiness.
*feelings that i just assumed were my fate in adulthood.

but as it turns out.
i've learned that's not my fate at all.
{not even close actually!}
there's a happier way of living.
being of good cheer is decidedly the better option.
i strive for it.

lightheartedness doesn't come so easily to me though.
i am a very sensitive, soft shelled girl.
there are {still} times my feelings are so tender, i break down inside with every insinuated offense.
my re-occuring worry is being misunderstood by others. my intentions. my heart.

the point of this post, is to express gratitude & thanksgiving
for a savior who makes all things good and right and fair and peaceful again for me.
*at the close of everyday.

i don't know how i could journey through this life without the knowledge that i have a brother who has felt every loneliness, hurt, or worry i have or will experience.

i feel like i mention this a lot on my blog- broken record style- but it's a fundamental truth that honestly makes my world go round.

i hope for every child of god on this earth to know of the atonement of christ & the healing effects it has on the human spirit.

tonight, i am grateful to know that
" i can do all things through
christ which strengtheneth me."
*philippians 4: 13

my own little corner

today i am grateful to have a place in my home to be creative.

it's cozy & far more functional than pretty....i love it so much.

i'm thankful for a husband that supports & encourages my love of crafting.

...and who's willing to eat dinner on tv trays because my latest project is strewn out all over creation.

....and who doesn't hate me when he steps on a rouge brad on the floor. {ps: that hurts}

...and who has always made sure i had my own little corner in every house we've lived in.



today i was thankful that my girls are expert putter-ers.

they self entertain & pretend & dress up & laugh & play
& dig in the dirt & make all sorts of crazy messes...

all the live long days.

such a blessing to their home-loving mama.


i love technology

today i am grateful for technology.

"always & forever."



we made this little thankful tree for family night & it took us less than 5 minutes to think of enough items to fill up the leaves.

we are {indeed} abundantly blessed
& it has been awesome to focus on our gratitudes {big & little} over the last little bit.

i'm thankful for coree of soft spoken designs for making me this cute vinyl tree.
and heidi, for the leaf printables.

*this'll be a fun/simple thanksgiving tradition for years to come.


i am thankful to be an american

"i thank god for my life
and for the stars and stripes
may freedom forever fly, let it ring.
salute the ones who died
and the ones that gave their lives so we don`t have to sacrifice
all the things we love..."


who i am

i am thankful to be me.
inside & out.
{flaws and all}

this feeling is kind of new to me-
i think it's called self esteem or something.

whatever it is,
i'm grateful for it.


wally world

today i'm grateful for walmart.

walmart allows me to ad-match, save a ton of money on grocery & household supplies AND get my oil changed/tires filled up....all at the same time.

it was an exhausting afternoon, but could have been so.much.more. exhausting if i didn't have a walmart, so conveniently located down the street from me.

say what you will about walmart-

but as for me & my house,
we are in love.


let's tune out by turning on the radio

today i'm grateful for music.

all kinds.
from motab to the cure.
from ingrid michaelson to kurt cobain.
from radiohead to the zac brown band.
from collective soul to pink.
from mindy gledhill to death cab.
from sufjan stevens to kelly clarkson.

i love feel-good music.

i'm so grateful for the inventors of pandora.

every morning, i tune into a channel that suits my mood.
[for free!]

it sets a tone for my morning.
feeds my spirit & makes me sosososo happy.



i am thankful for amazing products that smell delightful & enrich my life via my five senses.

my children might not have money to go to college because i splurge on the above two items,

but that's a small price to pay for lemony-fresh sinks & surfaces, dontchya think?
{*bumble&bumble, you had me @ hello.}

i am thankful for clothing to wear. there is a portion of my heart that is dedicated to & literally beats for the folks at jcpenny-for manufacturing me a pair of jeans that actually fit my body of odd proportions.

i am grateful that though my wardrobe is much less fabulous than my imagination & wish-list....i have something to wear. i know there are many people in this world that aren't as lucky. so, me & my $21 dollar jeans from pennys are super-duper thankful.

i am thankful for ceiling fans and air conditioning.

i am a very warm blooded, insulated individual. these modern conveniences mean so much to me & the very dominant sweat genes i posses.

i am grateful to be a stay at home mom. there is honestly nothing i'd rather be doing. this is {one} of my blessings that i don't take for granted. i know how blessed i am. and i thank the lord everyday i have with my sweet babies.

i am thankful for food. as much as it completely stresses me out, let's get real-i am abundantly blessed to have it. and so many options! i'm particularly thankful for crystal light ...the substance that weans me off of pepsi approximately every six months when i decide to quit soda again.

i am grateful for chocolate & two functioning vehicles.
{in that order}

i am grateful for bills....because they mean i have a roof over my head, water to shower, power to use, health insurance, a car to use, and 2 special homeowners associations that teach me temperance & patience.

i'm grateful for my pink chair and all memories made whilst rocking upon it.

i am grateful for the beauty of the outdoors. i find that my heavenly father speaks to my soul most when i'm outside playing or walking or running. or sitting.

i'm also grateful for winter grass. and sprinklers. and the lawnmower we just acquired off craigslist for ridiculously cheap.

i am thankful for messes. fingerprints. laundry. and all other evidences of the little children in my life.

*confession: maybe i don't always {act} like i am.

but i know i'll miss it someday.

i am so thankful for the scriptures. and their guiding force in my life. i know that the book of mormon is an inspired, true book. i love it & want to share it always.

i am also thankful for wise, amazing people who write stuff and teach me crap. i love all things self-help. i love searching for nuggets of truth, inspiring quotes & coping mechanisms to enrich my existence.

learning brings me perspective & helps me change into the person i'm striving to become.

i'm grateful for the opportunity.