jimmy love

tonight i am grateful for jimmy fallon.

IMO, the best late night talk show host ever.
*{RIP conan, you have been replaced.}

i first fell in love with him in this movie:

he's downright adorable & totally hilarious.
entertains me greatly- every night from 11:30pm-12:30am-ish.

so talented.
so my style of funny.

i don't watch much tv these days.
['cause is it just me, or are all the shows getting boring.com?]

but jimmy & the roots- never disappoint.


granny said...

He is a funny boy. And pretty much clean! Gotta love that these days.

Coree Adams said...

I totally totally agree...LOVE HIM!

Unknown said...

It may be inappropriate... but have you seen his "idiot boyfriend" music video? Hahahaha so funny!