thoughts & a video at 12:26am

it's late. [actually: it's early.]

i just applied the loveliest shade of {rusty-colored} nail polish to my fingers & toes.
bought it @ walgreens tonight for 99 cents, thankyouverymuch.
*along with a couple trusty {snickers ice cream bars} for me & the mr.

i'm happy.
smiling & going about my usual angie-"evening" alone.
doin' some dishes, rockin' some tunes, facebooking, reflecting, pondering & planning.
i feel light.

it feels good,
'cause ya know-
for a long time i think i got used to my heart feeling really heavy.
full of emotion and stress and worry and doubt and overall yuckiness.
*feelings that i just assumed were my fate in adulthood.

but as it turns out.
i've learned that's not my fate at all.
{not even close actually!}
there's a happier way of living.
being of good cheer is decidedly the better option.
i strive for it.

lightheartedness doesn't come so easily to me though.
i am a very sensitive, soft shelled girl.
there are {still} times my feelings are so tender, i break down inside with every insinuated offense.
my re-occuring worry is being misunderstood by others. my intentions. my heart.

the point of this post, is to express gratitude & thanksgiving
for a savior who makes all things good and right and fair and peaceful again for me.
*at the close of everyday.

i don't know how i could journey through this life without the knowledge that i have a brother who has felt every loneliness, hurt, or worry i have or will experience.

i feel like i mention this a lot on my blog- broken record style- but it's a fundamental truth that honestly makes my world go round.

i hope for every child of god on this earth to know of the atonement of christ & the healing effects it has on the human spirit.

tonight, i am grateful to know that
" i can do all things through
christ which strengtheneth me."
*philippians 4: 13


J*a~{s}n°a said...

And I am grateful for another brother of yours who introduced me to THE brother :)
Angie, you are truly a unique, beautiful person....just see all the comments you get...so many people love you SO SO SOOOOO very much!! I love you too!

Marie said...

I am grateful for your gratitude posts this month. I have enjoyed each and everyone, and they've helped me be more grateful too. You are amazing!

granny said...

Love that video, and you, of course.

Unknown said...

i wish blogger had a "love" button.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

thanks for posting that video, i watched it :) and it's so true Phil 4:13!!! i know, i agree with above comment, your gratitude posts this month have helped me to ask myself, what am i grateful for? :)

Two little lovebirds said...

I agree with the love button comment! You always put things into perspective for me. I truly believe you were put in my path for divine reasons. I love all your posts, your wonderful comments to my boring posts, your sweet spirit, your adorable-ness, and your testimony! You are a rock star in my book!

Miss Niss said...

i love all your posts...this one has especially helped me today...thank you!

amy mo said...

I love reading your blog because I think in some ways we're the same person. It's good to know that the over- emotioned, stressed, worried heart of mine isn't my eternal fate, because it sure feels that way sometimes...

p.s. I loooove Chloe's sass, haha! She's gonna be a heartbreaker.