-traditional yummy thanksgiving breakfast made by myron's mom
-dixon feast w/ 25 loved ones
-me, overestimating the amount of mashed potatoes to make, by about 15 pounds
-me, clogging the garbage disposal with potato peels [also a tradition]
-having a spend-the-night at granny's
-lots of naps & even more carbs
-taking chloe to see {tangled} with the cousins {so cute!}
-chilling with out-of-town peeps
-ignoring black friday w/ no regrets
-teaching livy to say "oh snap"
-glorious weather status all week long
-planning a saturday morning clean-the-house movement
-late bedtimes {it's 1:34.}


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Lots of mashed potato leftovers?? I have a recipe for a chocolate snack cake that has mashed potatoes in it... It is in my notes on FB... really it is yummy! No frosting needed - the taters make it nice and moist!

runningfan said...

So glad I've been part of your eventful week. It's VERY fun to spend time with you!

Bev said...

Sounds like you had a "Happy" day.....carbs and all. Love Livy's hair...........adorable!

The Wizzle said...

It has been a blast, this week, hasn't it?

rachbechep said...

sounds like a good few days! :)
let's continue it on...