happy thanksgiving!

it's been pretty awesome posting all the many things i am thankful for this month.

i really am [so full of gratitude] for all the many blessings that god has given me.

what i am most thankful for in this life, is people.

*my husband & babies.
*my family, immediate & extended.
*my friends-old friends, new friends, work friends, church friends, www friends.
*my neighbors.
*random folks i meet throughout the day.
*the stranger in front of me @ the sonic drive thru that surprised me by paying for my food.

i'm thankful for humanity.
i'm grateful for diversity.

i'm thankful for the people that love me unconditionally and are easy to love back.

i'm grateful for circumstances in relationships that may "test my walk with jesus" at times, but consequently teach me to love like he would.

i'm thankful for my association with so many wonderful human beings.

there really is beauty in everyone.
i'm grateful to {really} know that.

happy thanksgiving from my heart to yours!


The Wizzle said...

I couldn't agree more! People are awesome, the world is wonderful. See you this afternoon!

Bev said...

I'm grateful for you and your cute little fam!!

runningfan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet sister!

The Roberts Family said...

beautiful!! well said!

Sassy said...

I am THANKFUL for you!

Leslie said...

I too am thankful for you!