another boring list

i know my blog is boring with a capitol B lately.
i'm in one of those internet funks...ya know, an internet funk?
it's a thing.
or am i the only one who has those?

tonight i'm going to make a trusty top ten of a few randoms i'm grateful for.
because that's always fun & uplifting for the soul.

01. first & formost, myron, for fixing the shower door [bless you, dear husband]
02. our new baby quail...we welcomed some feathered friends into the fam
03. a relief society lesson to prepare-it's topic very timely & inspired for me
04. jamie for remembering to clock me out tonight {she's always got my back}
05. my mother in law, who juiced me beet juice to help my struggling gall bladder
06. a tender season finale to parenthood....i cried. did you cry? i always cry.
07. the fact that my kitchen is almost clean. not totally. but almost.
08. livy & nevaeh dancing to the olivia theme song. *makes my heart happy.
09. claud, my bff & constant voice of reason
10. listening to chloe sing "i will follow god's plan for me" {also makes me cry!}

someday i won't be boring.
until then, i think i'll go count sheep until i fall asleep.
*pretty sure i'll get to about .5 sheep & be snoring.


granny said...

So honored to make your list. :)

I'm looking forward to counting sheep myself. Hope it is soon....

The Wizzle said...

I'm so excited for your quail! And sorry about your stupid stinking gallbladder. I didn't realize it was still misbehaving. :/

The Roberts Family said...

Love the list! Nevaeh asks everyday to goto your house ;)

beth said...

never never boring my friend... stalk worthy fo sho!

Durfee Family said...

You aren't boring! That sounded fantastic to me! Just keep doing what you are doing, 'cause I like you just the way you are!

rachbechep said...

Well I'm grateful for you!!! And I'm totally in that blog funk too.... So dumb!

Lisa said...

I never find your blog boring! And I'm happy to know I am not the only one who cries during TV shows....Parenthood totally made me cry, about 3 different times!

Jamie said...

♥ u, Ang!

Kristen said...

Oh. my. goodness. I love baby quail! Seriously one of the only good things about living in Utah was that they were all over the place. I'm so jealous! (And I've never been bored by you or your blog. Just sayin')

Lindsee said...

a. you couldn't be boring if you tried.

b. yes, I cried. Everytime. I've never felt more emotion in an hour.Like I need more emotion!!

Unknown said...

We love your (boring). Check it every night. Deb and Mike

runningfan said...

bless your heart...gallbladder pain is the worst!

Jenny Johnson said...

If you have been to my blog lately, you know I am boring!! I love your lists!!!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

oh ang, your blog is def so not boring! I love reading anything/everything you post--it entertains me, inspires me, makes me smile!

the baby quail so cute--does she/he have a name yet? hahah.. and i sure hope your gall bladder gets well asap!

also LOVE parenthood-but i've missed like the last 3 episodes..i always forget what time/day it comes on :( wahhh.

VICKI IN AZ said...

just sayin'
you are not boring
i love that you posted the pix so i could see you when i read this
this list made me cry
you are an inspiration
you are a gift
thank you for being you.