i can't believe she's 5!

i've been mia in the blogging world this week.
had a lot of work-related stuff goin' on.
{my mickey mania class was friday...more on that later.}

the last big event of the week was a very last minute/semi-impromtu b-day party for our sweet chloe.

i zipped around invites to her nearby friends, bought a pinata & crossed my fingers that it wouldn't rain.

it rained.
but thanks to playdough, my lifesaver cousin rachel & my pizza delivery [wo]man claud, it went fabulous despite the indoorness. :)

turns out 5 year olds are easy to please.

it was a fun afternoon celebrating a very special girl.
thanks to all our family & friends for making chlo' feel SO special this week!
happy birthday babe!


Bev said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!! Hope the poor kid got a few toys.....cuz your kids just don't have enough!! Love your decorations.....how FUN!!

granny said...

Love that little girl.

Sassy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little girlie girl so much!

Unknown said...

Five is a big milestone for all of you! The party decor is adorable. I'm glad Plan B was so much fun!

Kristen said...

Do you have any extra Mickey kits? I would like to buy one. (Seriously, I was going to call you last week and ask when that was and I totally spaced it.)

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

awh happy bday to chloe! so cute! the invites are adorable, decor is colorful and you are a super mom! i am sure the kiddies had a blast!