last week, you know the day when it was really windy? well, my mom & i were chillin' outside in my front yard & she was getting somethin' out of her purse, and a $50 bill flew out. so, i started like chariots of fire-ing it down the street and *almost* didn't catch it. every time i would reach for it, a gust of wind blew it further! but luckily i was able to grab it before it went into the busier road. it was seriously hilarious! we laughed so hard! and it makes me lol just thinking about it. good times.

i've been losing my keys [and mind!] a lot lately. on saturday i dropped chloe off @ her dance rehersal & came home to bake brownies for her recital that was 2 hours later. i set my keys down in their usual place & when livy & i were ready to return, they were no where to be found! i searched and searched & stressed & stressed. finally my parents came & rescued me. i walked in 2 numbers before chloe's dance. whew. i was so scared i'd miss my girl! *ps: we found the keys in the bathtub. hmm. i wonder which blond toddler is responsible? and i wonder if it's the same blond toddler who's hid the other 3 sets i've lost & never found this year?

speaking of keys, myron took my keys to work, even though he carpools/didn't drive today. so, by necessity, i drove his truck today for the first time. i learned that i am ridiculous for being afraid all this time because it wasn't scary to drive at all. i also learned that it has no ac & i don't remember myron telling me that. he probably didn't want me to feel guilty for driving the better car.

ps: our "better car" has 3 hubcaps & no driver side door handle. we're classy.

i watched the dilemma today. and it is official: my number one actor crush, is vince vaughn.

our quail are laying eggs! they are so tiny and cute. i can't wait to make a fried egg the size of a quarter! it's going to be so tender. and funny.

i'm so glad olivia won the biggest loser. i have LOVED this season! inspires me.

today i trimmed and mowed the lawn. i felt like a legit man & the sun gave me a headache. but, oh, how i cherish a freshly mowed lawn.

camp is coming together! still have a lot to do. my biggest stress [not really] is what.on.earth am i going to do with my hair for 4 days/no showers? jk, but seriously. [suggestions are welcome!] after one night of sleeping, i look like death meets crack addict meets host of minute to win it. i can handle no makeup {it'll be just like home!}, but my hair must be washed and blowed dry daily. please help.

i have zero desire to attend my 10 year high school reunion. even if it was free. does that make me a horrible person?

oh yay! myrons home. which means, he will kiss me on the forehead, go water the garden, check on the birds, wash his hands, change his clothes, ask me what we had for dinner, and then ask me about my day/life. [can you say creature of habit?] and then we will talk whilst 1/2 way watching jimmy fallon. love him. [him meaning myron, but i love jimmy too.]

'nite. :)


Kim & Max Willis family said...

girl...do you not relize that you have a hair stylist going to camp with you?? girl plezz'~ ive got ya covered:)

granny said...

Take a cute hat. The rule is: Once it goes on, it never comes off.

P.S. Thanks for rescuing the $$. Seriously, if I had realized it was a $50, I would have stressed more and laughed less. I have a mental video that I replay in my mind...too bad I can't post it here.

Unknown said...

Lexi saw the pic of Livy and said, "Lexi!" Love her piggies, by the way. That girl has a lot of hair!

Loved this post. Totally hilarious!

Jamie said...

I {♥} you, Ang!

Lindsee said...

Do-rags, bandanas, whatever your pleasure. I had short hair all through girls camp. I feel your pain. By the end, my hair was plastered to my scalp. pretty.

The*Evans*Family said...

Dear Angie,

I miss you like crazy. Now that out kids are on summer break can we please all get together. Swim party? Okay, maybe after camp for you. Oh and have you ever heard of TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Shampoo? You might want to give it a try. Right on front of the bottle it says, "Keeps your hair rockin' one more day." Love it.

The End.

The Wizzle said...

I would be rocking some scarves/bandanas etc. I've never tried it, but I've heard good things about something called "dry shampoo"? Maybe give that a try?

Also, that thing with the lost keys makes my heart flip flop all over. I have so had that happen to me, and if I thought I was going to miss my daughter's dance recital over it I would be flipping my little lid. So glad you made it!

Unknown said...

Looks like they've got you covered...bandanas and a ballcap are a must for camp!

As for the key thief, I have a two cent solution that might work: hang them on a pushpin in the wall way up high by the door you come in from the car...out of little blondie's reach.

kemra said...

dry shampoo - get it at Sally's - Batiste is the brand that i like...it smells like citrus and takes the grease away : )