today i am missing this kid. aka my little bro eric. or elder dixon i should say. thursday's are the day i get to give him a little shout out via email. as i was writing him about the details of my life {like how big chloe's getting, how sanjaya FINALLY got booted off american idol last night, about my new house/ward, etc.} i was thinking i would really like him to be here, just for the evening...so we could go to q. tizzle, buy candy {gummy worms, skittles, nerds, or something of that nature}, and watch antique roadshow or junkyard wars to our hearts content. that would be fun. nevertheless, we both know he's up to much more important & amazing things. ie: spreading the word to the cute little mongols in the far east, riding camels, eating unforgettable food, meeting awesome people,and sharing testimony. cheers to my mini-me brother of whom i am supa proud.


Unknown said...

i want to ride a camel... it looks like fun! marshall gets home in less than 3 months! it goes by so fast!

angiedunn said...

that's crazy...i can't believe marshall is almost home! i know, eric will be home before we know it...it does go by major fast.