in between myron's insurance appointments today, we took a brief, yet rather enjoyable, dip in the pool. tender family activities such as this, make me a very happy mama. and let me tell you, our little girl is quite the aqua-maniac! she's {obsessed} with splashing/kicking/getting {super wet}. time to sign up for swimming lessons!


Kate said...

that child of yours is ADORABLE! Seriously. A side note, I found the most hilarious letter from you while cleaning my room last week I've been laughing for days. :)

angiedunn said...

omg...what did it say? that's embarrassing!! you'll have to show it to me when i am in utah in less than two weeks!!! (: can't wait to see you...hey, do you have a blog? if you don't...i'm pretty sure you should. (;