a dream came true for us this week-
deb & mike took the entire family to disneyland!

our girls have never been & it was beyond wonderful
to experience the happiest place on earth/california adventure
with the little girls & the people we love.

we shared so many sweet memories together-
*we also shared a wicked strain of pink eye,
[compliments of chloe's kindergarten class].

i am so grateful for a family that is there for each other
& also knows how to have a good time together.

it's sorta impossible to capture all of the thousands of happy moments in photos,
but by the looks of the ones we did take:
you can tell there was lots of smiles & magic.

thanks for the memories, guys. ♥


Lisa Romer Keele said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. I can't wait to take Hailey there one day. P.S. I love the Hello Kitty hat!

Ryan and LeDawn said...

aw! i love your cute family!!! how fun!

Burgess said...

Fun! We're dying to go back! I love the picture of Olivia and her dad towards the end.

The Candlands said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Yay for the happiest place on earth!

The Wizzle said...

I am addicted to Disneyland. I'm so glad you guys got to go! It looks like Livvy has the same Baby Minnie that Eve got last time we were there. <3

Durfee Family said...

LOVE Disney! It's been awhile for us! SO Glad you got to go! What fun memories for you and your girls!

granny said...

How fun is that? I appreciate seeing all the pictures!