christmas was all kinds of absolutely wonderful.

my kids make 99 cent coloring books from the dollar store seem completely magical.

watching their eyes light up on christmas morning
is on my top ten favorite things ever in this whole wide world. :)

i tried to make this season simple & happy,
and i'm delighted to report, it was one of my most relaxing & stree-free christmases ever.

we didn't have any cookies, so we left santa peanut butter cups instead,
with a thoughtful chloe-note, explaing the situation.
{santa didn't seem to mind.}

he left a special note for the girls too!

it was a perfect day,
and i feel so blessed to have a knowledge my Savior,
& to have my little family to celebrate Him with.

thank you to all our friends and family for making this season special. ♥


Jentry said...

oh my. their hats are adorable!

Brittany T. said...

i agree w/ya, this Christmas was much less stressed ;) And those beanies are adorable! love the pic of your fridge too! hehe. Merry Christmas season! annnddd the pic of you and the two girls is lovely

The Wizzle said...

You and your girls are very, very beauteous. <3 Hooray for simple and happy!

Heidi said...

Aw...that looks awesome! Everything you do is so cute and fun. I'm glad it was an awesome Christmas for your sweet fam!

granny said...

I love the before and after of the tree. It all happens so fast. I'm glad it was magical.