artwork via the amazing rhonna farrer

my OLW {one little word} for 2012 is focus.

[focus] on the things that matter most.

i can be {very} easily distracted,
and i want this to be the year of [consciously choosing]
to make
my home life & my physical health
top priority, no matter what it takes.

i've got some important things i'd like to see happen this year.
things i know are out there-meant for me to accomplish.

i've gotta do my part &
i know the lord will bless me with the strength & ability
& miracles necessary to get where i want to be.

it's going to take work,
and dedication,
and follow through.

focus, angie, focus.


Heidi said...

What a great word! I love it!

Heather said...

I love FOCUS...maybe I should have picked it...mine for this year is Stronger! I love this post as usual, you're so inspirational.

granny said...

Love it. You amaze.

Bev said...

Love this! You are such a good example to me!!

Jessica said...

Focus was my word last year. I LOVED it! I knew that I could just keep that in view and 'focus' life would be ok. My word this year was going to be fine-tune....but I changed it to survive...since I am giving birth any day now. :)