positive affirmations

the other day, chloe and i were feeling creative. so, we busted out some old mags {martha, simple scrapbooks, reader’s digest, etc.}, some old cardstock scraps, random pics, scissors, an old white board, and some tape.

we invented this, being: a collage of a bunch of my favorite quotes/inspiring thoughts/amazing scriptures/images that make me happy/photos of those i love. {aka my positive affirmations.}

i’m not gonna lie: i love it, and it speaks to my soul.

my-dizzle said that he'd so kindly assist me in hanging it in my office to peek at every morn, post reading my scrips.

…as a reminder of my purpose in this life.

…as a reminder to be positive.

…as a reminder to savor each moment with my girl & my man.

…as a reminder to let go of comparing myself to others.

…as a reminder that i have a
divine nature.

…to remind myself to frankly forgive.

…as a reminder to love myself & others.

which randomly “reminds” me {lol}… if i had a million dollars, i would {tile my floor first, of course}, and then give every stinkin’ remaining penny to this fund/program.

here’s to rockin’ self esteem & embracing what makes us, as children of God, unique & utterly fabulous!

{happy sabbath yos}


Unknown said...

Angie! This has got to creep you out that I am commenting on a post that you published only 10 minutes ago. I guess I hopped onto your blog at just the right time! Anyway, PLEASE keep on posting pictures of every single project you ever do. They are all so cute. You know that I had to click on the picture to make it bigger so I could really see everything in it. You are so creative!

angiedunn said...

LOL! Shalae, you totally crack me up. Let's just say that I would NEVER be the one to pass judgement about stalking blogs because I am the queen of it!! LOL. Thanks for being nice. Made my day. Later!

Anonymous said...

Ang You are amazing!

Unknown said...

That is so cute Angie! You always come up with the best things!

chris+amber said...

I'm with everyone. Your blog is one of my most favorite ones to stalk! You never let me down whenever I click to see your blog and you always have a new post! I LOVE IT! I need to be more like you. You're amazing! That's definitely a Sabbath-worthy activity to do. Good idea!

Unknown said...

I did see the new look on our favorite blog & I was about to comment about it to you too! ha ha! We are so creepy! :)