me myself and i

so, just for the fun of it…here are 25 extremely random, and hopefully not too TMI things about yours truly…

my favorite holiday ever is thanksgiving. however, this is subject to change considering i'm a grown up now, and will soon learn how to make food that is edible...& consequently adopt more food assignments. which equals too much work. which equals christmas might be better.

i can’t spell. the reason i use all lower case on my blog, scrapbooking, emails, is because i never know when things are suppose to be capitalized. english/grammer/writing so isn’t my forte. and I’m totally okay with it.

my favorite day of the week is sunday. my man is home. church is uplifting. naps are an option.

i am scarred for life when it comes to driving cars. ever since my crazy near-death experience o’ superstition freeway ’03, i have been ultra paranoid behind the wheel. if the bus wasn’t so frightening/random/slow/unsanitary, i would most definitely opt for that form of transportation. i plan to hire dr. phil someday to come & help me overcome this abnormal/super-annoying-to-live-with anxiety.

speaking of fears…i’m also afraid of horses, birds, dolphins, giving birth, closed in spaces, clowns, stilts, and anything having to do with the circus {bearded ladies & creepy music included}.

i really enjoy having not-so-secret crushes on fictional characters. such as: edward the vampire, jack bauer, and mattie from 13 going on 30.


my american idol is no doubt about it- melinda doolittle. i think she is positively adorable, super cute & humble, refreshingly modest, and out of this world talented. {regardless of what people have to say about her neck {or lack thereof.}

i am totally not into tanning indoors. don’t get me wrong, i am BEYOND okay with other people participating in this activity. but, i for one, think it is the most boring, anti-relaxing, pointless time-sucker out there. {and that’s why i’m pasty-white, folks}

i have to check to make sure my alarm is set correctly, 10 times. right in a row. this is not an exaggeration kids, it’s true. ask myron.

i really & truly don’t care about being super rich, having fancy things, or a massive house…as long as my bills are paid, my fridge is full, my family is healthy/happy & tivo is in tact.

my middle name is michelle. i was almost named heather. my real name is angela, even though half the world calls me angie or ang. my nicknames include: stang, angus, angie-pooh, and dixon.

i have recently limited myself to blogging only one half hour per day. ‘cause let’s face it guys, i wasn’t getting anything done…except stalking blogs all day. and some of people i don’t even know! kinda embarrassing to admit, but i’m pretty sure a ton of you are in the same boat. {lol}

my top five least favorite words in the english language are 1. moist 2. ointment 3. crevis 4. nugget (pronounced noo-get) & 5. nipple

my favorite word in the english language however, is obliged. {even though I’m not sure i could even use it correctly in a sentence.}

i have started listening to country again on the radio. i wonder why I took a break from it in the first place because i truly do love me some rascall flats, keith urban, dixie chicks, martina, faith, tim & garth.

i once wrote my senator about how the green traffic lights in gilbert don’t match one another. two clashing shades of green…that totally bugs!!

i have said it once, and i’ll say it again: being a mom totally rocks my world. better yet, being a wife to an amazing man and then having an adorable baby, and then watching your amazing man with your adorable baby ROCKS even more!

i am NOT a pet person. however, i do own a six pound bundle o’ shih tzu called mr. miyagi, that likes to bark loudly during naptime, do his bi-ness on my carpet, and maul every visitor that comes to our door. and for some strange reason, i’d miss the dickens out of him if he ran away. it’s a mystery to me.

i absolutely, unoquivically l-o-v-e love to sing. not in front of people. definitely not in front of people. but in my car, in the shower, or just around the house, i can often be found belting out random songs.

i once wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. that was until I learned that large groups of other people’s chidren make me ridiculously crazy! now, i just want to be a snowbird when I grow up.

i love to clean. i love the scent of lemon pine sol. i find fewer things more satisfying than a perfectly clean house. this rarely happens. but i love it.

if i could have a never-ending gift card to anywhere in the world, it would most likely be target. i heart target. i live in walking distance from a super target, and that is a scary thing.

some of my most favorite pastimes include: shopping with granny, going to lunch with granny, talking on the phone with granny, crying a river to granny, laughing hysterically with granny, etc. aka i have the awesome-est mom in the world.

i love shoes. they always fit.

i know what i like and how & when i want it, but at the same time i like to think i’m pretty easy to please. i believe in the goodness of people. and i love life.

the end. {whew!}

k, guys…{tag you’re it}…i cordially invite you to post 25 things about you {self portrait included} on your blogs! c’mon, it’ll be fun, I promise. oh, and p.s. i’m not kidding.


Unknown said...

i'm happy to hear that you commented on our favorite blog! it actually is not that creepy because you have probably met her and you lived on the same same street as her husband growing up! if i were to comment on the other hand... totally creepy! which is why i never would! ha ha!

Unknown said...

ok, as soon as i'm done studying for finals, i will try the 25 facts thingy... it would take too much time to think of things right now!

Unknown said...

oh my three comments just from me... i love these facts about you! so fun! we actually have more things in common than i thought!

Unknown said...

this is getting ridiculous, but i keep on forgetting things! you look so pretty in your self-portrait pic! i love you!

granny said...

I loved all your facts, but was particularly partial to #23. Thanks, yo. The feeling is mutual. #13 made me LOL. How many times have we had that discussion in this family?

granny said...

I actually did it! My comment posted. I know for most normal people this is not cause for celebration, but I am going to bust out the oreos and milk. :) If I had any, I would... (if I had some ham I'd have some ham and eggs, if I had some eggs.) MGD

The Kewpie Klan said...

Miss pink (my new nickname for you even though I am totally aware that you are a mrs...), you are positively adorable... We should hang out...outside of scrapbooking...tell the babe that the Kewps thinks she's super cute...

amanda p. said...

well hello! this is amanda jones porter & I stumbled upon your blog & wanted to tell you that you are fabulous! awesome! you are such a fun girlie! maybe someday i'll figure out how to do my own blog & have time to actually post things! until then...ciao!

Unknown said...

Angie, I loved reading this post. I don't think I could come up with 25 interesting things about me, and even if I did, I could never write it like you. You should be a writer! Anyway, I too love seeing your new posts every day lately, and I really want to know what blog you & Becky are stalking!

Unknown said...

they're on to us ang!!! :)

Kate said...

granny, you should totally talk my mother into joining the blog-commenting world!

angiedunn said...

amanda j/p!
um, you are the cute/fabulous/fun/awesome girlie!! you really should start a blog. and on your blog you should list directions on how to be as cute as you. i would love to learn!

chris+amber said...

It's official, when I grow up, I wanna be like YOU! You do everything cute/[erfect. Like Shalae said, you SHOULD be a writer. Have you thought about teaching a journaling/writing class at SBEtc? You'd be good at that. Your posts always make me chuckle. I love my parents' house too! Your gift for Amelia was so cute! I still remember how you so cutely wrapped my gift when I had Addi. You rock!

chris+amber said...

*perfect, I mean...:o)

angiedunn said...

Well, honey...the feeling's mutual. YOU slash the whole Romney family are the definition of cute/perfect! You guys invented wrapping presents adorably! your talent & attention to detail has always inspired me, no joke. not to mention how cute & put together you always look! i truly appriciate the compliments amber -made me feel good. have a swell evening!

Jenn said...

uhmmm.... ang and amber/romney fam- you are both absolutely adorable! that is all i have in me to type because i should get some sleep but instead i am reading blogs and i never know what to say because- amber, you are right- ang is hilariously funny and an incredible writer and i think she should start writing my papers for me! :-)