play by play

me & the girl are typical homebodies. heaven knows we have plenty of chores, toys, and tivo to watch around our casa. plus, i loathe traffic, we sometimes share "the better car" with our uber-attractive dad/hub, & life is just simpler and happier {or so it seems} when we just chill together in our humble abode. today however, i was in the mood to break out of the norm & run a million errands. actually, only like four...but it seemed like a million. we were out paintin' the town red all the day long!

here's our play by play:
first priority was definitely the grocery store. reason being: all that's been in our fridge for two weeks is mayo, worcestershire sauce that might be older than me, teething rings, and aloe vera gel. I like frys. call me ghetto, but it has the best prices/sales & i've been familiar with where everything is since it was called smiths. {however, i must confess; i do fancy the lighting/wood floors @ safeway, the small-town/tender feel of bashas, and walmart's off-the-hook inexpensivness..but i digress}

next stop was the good ol' united states post office. i usually avoid the p.o. like the plague because i feel like other than joanns fabrics, it takes the cake for having the crankiest workers in the universe! but, we had a few bills/letters to send, stamps to purchase, and a miniature/definitely not that exciting/ghetto-ly wrapped package to send off to my fantabulous sister heidi.
note#1: the lady that helped us was a doll, so helpful & kind. i felt guilty for pre-judging her attitude.
note#2: did you know that stamps are 4-freakin-1 cents now?
note#3: i really need to learn how to pay my bills online.

after our refreshingly short, and surprisingly enjoyable trip to the post office, we headed off to the mall. i had an exchange to make. and an exchange it was. one twenty dollar shirt turned into this large pile of yummy/super sale-cheap & much needed summer-y attire. the best part you ask? not one of these items needs to be worn with an accompanying shade! {'cause let's face it folks, it's too blasted hot in this state for three layers!}

the babe was such a great sport. which was rather appropriate considering she was wearing a very sporty-spice-ish outfit!

on our way home from the mall we stopped by the romney's to drop off a belated shower gift for my cute ex-coworker, amelia. we couldn't remember which house was hers, so we just guessed by spotting the home that was amazingly charming/adorably cozy looking/and perfect in every way. and i guessed correctly.

so, now we are home. chloe's taking a much needed napity-nap & i am {miraculously} preparing dinner for the first time in may. oh wait, in 2007.
on the menu: grilled chicken fajitas w/ homeade salsa.

tonight we plan to have a dunn-moment-of-silence for steve nash & his jacked nose, watch american idol {da-na-na-na-na}, and retire to thy beds & cribs early.


Kate said...

You, my dear are freaking HIlarious. I particularly love that whole first dinner of 07. Rad-tastic!

Unknown said...

all the new shirts you got look SO cute! especially the one on top! i also love fajitas.. DeLish! and i love tivo so i can watch all my shows! tonight alone: gilmore girls, american idol, d-backs, and of course, the suns. i must admit though, i only watched the d-backs during the commercials(couldn't wait to watch w/o commercials) of gilmore girls! yay, chloe's eye is no longer pink!

granny said...

I happen to know you have cooked many more times than that because you cooked for ME. Haha. Looks like I need to check out the mall where you were....

MeL said...

Angel,(I hope it's okay that I call you this :)) Congrats on a productive day and whatnot! I am officially jealous of your way cute stack of shirts, and might even ask you where you got them so that I can try and merge into style this century. And do you love nothing more than shirts that can be worn without undershirts? If that isn't pure bliss/satisfaction/cooler than 4 1/2 layers, I don't know what is! Anywho, way to be cute as usual, and I'm actually quite jealous of all of your blog-stalkers that comment on every cute thing you do! It seems that only my sibs comment on mine and it is usually making fun...oh well, what else would you expect from the Jones family?! Have a super-de-duper day! Sorry that sounds like Barney the purple monster!

MeL said...

P.S. I could never do the list of 25 things because I'm boring and if even if I was trying not to be, everyone would get bored after me describing my crippling diet pepsi addicion. Waaah, my blog sucks.