the bootique was fun.

a warm thanks
to all who came/supported.

& thanks
to all the cute
girls involved.


if you will excuse me,
i am headed to

a. watch my dvr'd episode of the office
b. eat nielson's peach cobbler
c. brush my teeth
d. be in the 1st period of REM by midnight

stay tuned
{next week}
for a happy little
[studio angieinpink]


runningfan said...

a. jim & pam are cute.
b. yum!
c. the best way to end an evening.
d. good luck!
e. can't wait for the debut.

The Wizzle said...

I am SO MAD I forgot to come this morning! I had so many other things to do but I totally had time. I knew I was forgetting something! Argh. Anyway, hopefully you had so many fabulous customers that you didn't notice my absence.

mamamuniz said...

I hope the bootique was a success...

Best office episode ever, laughed and cried....I kinda love Jim....

Coree Adams said...


mademoisellechitchat said...


Show me the goodies!

Two little lovebirds said...

I am beyond sad that I missed it. My 4 yr old decided he wanted to get a 104 degree fever and we basically rocked our jammies all weekend! I am so excited for the debut!! Can't wait!!

Kaytie Brown said...

Sounds like some fun! Wish I was a good 15 hours closer.

P.S. SAD for your baby with baby asthma

Sassy said...

♥ my BOO banner.....it turned out so cute and Chloe told me this morning....."that says BOO!" Either I have taught her to read already or she saw plenty of those in your home.......she is too funny....says she is going to China to see the baby panda's....hahahahaha

The*Evans*Family said...

I was so sad to miss your cute boutique. We were on the ward campout. Let me know if you do another one! I'd love to see/buy your always darling page kits!!

Kaelene said...

waiting with bated breath . . . show us the cute angie stuff!!