want 25 bucks & a new windshield?

several months ago, my man went into business with his buddy.

{and aces auto glass was born.}

*they do great work.

and have really cute business cards:

if you have a windshield that needs to be replaced...

{i know a guy!}

email him for a quote:

or call today:

*they work with all insurance companies!
*AND will PAY YOU $25 with your replacement!


spread the word...
{if you feel so inclined]

[*and have a happy monday!]


m = michelle said...

I WILL be remembering this. :)

Kate said...

Stinks that I live in Utah sometimes... My roommate needs a new windshield real bad!

runningfan said...

What an enterprising husband you have! Hope the business takes off!

Shar Rundio said...

Those really are cool cards! Creativity abounds in your household. I'll keep it in mind...seems like every year or so we are having one of our windshields replaced. Much success!

mademoisellechitchat said...

I wish Myron best wishes with this venture.

Coree Adams said...


granny said...

They sure did a great job on our windshield! Thanks!

Kylie said...

That's good to know!! My cousin used to own his own company but sold it, so it's nice to have a new contact just in case!

Sassy said...

♥ THE CARDS!!!! Very cool!