best trade i've ever made

on day 2 of my hospital stay,
my cell phone was taken down to the dumpster with my food tray.

it went bye-bye,
never to return again.

this was highly annoying,
especially 'cause i didn't even enjoy the food.

{and i use the term food loosely.}

nasty jello.
nasty broth.
nasty herbal tea.
[okay: i guess i did enjoy the grape popsicle.]


so: if you've been trying to reach me via my cell,
that is why i haven't returned your call.
{i promise i'm not ignoring you...}

we went to the hospital with a red clam-shell samsung.
left with a priceless/ridiculously-lovable baby.

i'd say that's a great trade!


*happy one week old, liv!


reddladybug said...

So, I tried calling you yesterday and received the "number you have dialed is not a working number." Now I know why! Sorry to hear that! Know that I'm thinking of ya and want to see the babe.

kacee said...

Each picture of her is more beautiful than the last! Her headband/flower are TDF! Did you make them? They {almost} make me want another baby in the girl kind just so I can get some of that cuteness!

Did I say ALMOST? Cuz I meant ALMOST.

MeL said...

I WANT HER. Like, seriously bad. And tell Chloe and Myron hi, I hope they love her just as much and know that they are equally loved.

Kim said...

That's the best trade ever! She is beautiful♥
You can always get a new phone... but nothing as perfect as baby Olivia.

Beth Curtis said...

Angie, she TOTALLY looks like you!!! So freaking precious! I can't wait to see her!

Cassie said...

Congrats on your new beautiful, wonderful, rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens, precious doll. What else can I say? She's perfect.

runningfan said...

Sorry about the cell phone, but thanks for another Livy pic! She's beautiful.

Kristen Arnett said...

Oh, she is a doll! Congratulations on being a mommy to two cute little girls! {And sorry about your phone and nasty hospital food.} A great trade indeed though!

rachbechep said...

well. that stinks about your phone. but look how cute olivia is! she gets cuter in every picture!!!

Jenn said...

I LOVE her... she is beautiful!

And I LOVE Chloe too!!!

Unknown said...

keep'in coming!!!!
EVeryone's gotta love baby Olivia!!!
Such perfection!
Pooey on the cell phone, I would trade it for a baby anyday!
Sorry for the yucky food, I thought it would of changed over the years!

Oh and I bet she just smells so heavenly!

Macey said...

What a sweetheart, I can just tell. Congrats!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Ang., I want one. Seriously.

God,please send me my husband within the next year or so. My colleague said, "Girl, your man is your home. Love that. God can't rush and give you everything."

My response, "Shet up!"

She's a beauty.

Megan said...

I think that is a pretty sweet trade too! We are going to have ourselves a little bundle (or 2) of joy too! :)

Bonnie said...

Meg's mom here. Thanks for the birthday shout (via Meg's blog) and so sorry about your phone--but WHAT A TRADE!! I cannot believe her hair! The most precious little thing I have seen in a long time. Some day, my sweet blog friend, we will meet! And I can't stop getting teary about my sweet daughter and her little "bun in the oven"!!

McMemories said...

Ya I would say that is a pretty sweet trade as well:) She is so beautiful!!!