don't pinch me.

since a few of you have asked:

i am feeling fabulous.

like, fer reals, pretty dang good.

{ya know: considering i just had a human cut outta me & all.}


the c-section went awesome.

[a tad {h-core} nerve-racking]

…and i still have {mild} pain.

but pretty awesome.


{i LOVE my doctor.}

*and percocet.


i know it’s rude to toot your own horn:

but, i have showered & put make-up on everyday [minus one] since i arrived home from the hospital.

*even if it wasn’t til 5pm.

{and i’m kinda proud of myself.}

[this is a major accomplishment compared to post-chloe-birth.]


i haven’t worn a grey-hanes-pocket-T in 15 days & six hours.

{also an accomplishment.}

but i have worn really frumpy-n-large clothing items via the clearance rack.

incision friendly pants = not supa fashionable.


i am looking forward to when i can exercise.

can’t wait to burn calories & rev up my endorphin levels.

{remind me of this in 4 weeks…would ya?}

angieinshape {round three} anyone?


i adore being a mom.

i get tears just thinking about my girls.

[they are my world.]

i feel humbled to help them grow.

i feel undeserving & completely grateful at the same time.

{i am so glad they chose me.}


that being said: i’m still really new at the whole two-thing.

i’m looking forward to getting my groove back.

{and heavenly father blessing me with more patience.}

*i feel a tad overwhelmed….[sigh.]

{in a good way, though.}


i am not ready for playdates & outings quite yet.

but i look forward to happy days in the park with friends.

and visits with my most dear.

i am determined to stop being such a hermit.

i have been blessed with great friendships.


i basically couldn’t survive life without such a supportive family.

like, couldn’t survive.

i have been born of goodly parents, that is for dang sure.

{thank you.}


my number one, myron lee = my strength.

i love him beyond measure.

he works double shifts morning, noon & night.

mega-crazy hours style.

and yet: still has smiles, hugs, teasing, & cuddles left for his girls when he gets home.


so, to sum it up:

like i said, i’m feeling fabulous.

there are definitely ca-razy angie-moments.

and life still brings semi-annoying trials.


but through the lens of eternal perspective,

i have it all.

i am living a dream.

my dream.

{don’t pinch me.}

i don’t want to wake up.


Leslie said...

Wow! That was a pretty amazing wrap-up of your current situation. I am so glad things went well and that you are feeling good. We do have it good, us at-home mommies...a blessing (or two million) for sure.

The Wizzle said...

You look so happy. I'm thrilled to hear you are feeling so much better this time!

Showering/putting on makeup/wearing real clothes = very important. It gets more important with each child, too! You have to anchor yourself, somehow, you know?

reddladybug said...

No pinches needed! It's for real, girl!

Sassy said...

NOPE...NO PINCHES....What a beautiful post!

m = michelle said...

I won't pinch you.

and I won't pinch myself. Because your post reminded me that I, too, am living this fantastic dream. One I couldn't have possibly make up myself, but one I more certainly have.

thank you for making me look inward and reminding of all that I have. I love you, ang. for reals. and when I say I wish I could be you, then remember how I blessed I am to be me I know you understand what that means.

Coree Adams said...

Oh Angie...life just wouldn't be as happy and bright without you in it. I look forward to our mansions on high...next door like with white picket fences and gerbera daisies galore...with our shih tzu's running around the front yard playing together in harmony, our earthly children and their children and their children's children coming to visit and you and I sitting on the front porch in our heavenly and VERY skinny clothing sipping the nectar of the God's (whatever that may be in the next life) chatting about old times, laughing about the similarities between our sexy hubbies and remembering these days with gratitude and humility. I love ya Ang...may your incision heal up nicely and may you sleep in peace (minus saving Baby Liv from your computer monitor). HUGS YOUR BFFE!

granny said...

So proud of you.

heather said...

Seriously you have got to be one of the most beautiful and inspired women I know. I'm so happy for you and I am so impressed with the whole getting make-up on every day. I really wanna be that way, cute and fashionable and it just doesn't happen so often. (Forgiving myself because I know my eternal salvation is not linked to my foot ware and accessories in any way. THAT is good news, eh?)

Anyway- You look great! And good for you! And best of luck on getting a hermit out of his shell 'cause I (the social butterfly I am) married a hermit too. It's an effort that's for sure.

Totally love you!

Emmy Z. said...

Yo, I'm up for Angie In Shape round 3! Looks like you're doing fantastic!

Unknown said...

I am so proud of you girly girl!
For you being Blessed being a girl of strong faith, values, morals, respect,sweetness, charming, so funny, so awesome, having girls, loving pink, loving your husband beyond life(just like I love mine),
making you will never know when that someone visits you on your blog and feels loved and inspired to be a better person, friend, wife, mom!

{oh my just get the tissues!}

It's life grand? I love it and happy your my friend in it!

take good care of yourself as you look fab!

Unknown said...

You look absolutely incredible!! So does that cute bundle of offspring... I am so proud! And ps- YES on Angieinshape.... I'm so ready. In fact, I am ready to hold classes if we have to! Well.... once everyone is done all having babies cute outta them and all... ;)

Cassie said...

You look awesome girl! That green shirt makes your eyes look pretty. It took me almost exactly 3 months to get use to having two. Then it just gets easier after that. Keep it up! Way to have a positive attitude. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner to wish you congrats. I'm not sure if Katie ever made it over or not either, but we've both talked about it for weeks. We're SO excited for you (and quite a bit jealous). We hope we get another girl when the time comes and we hope they're as cute as yours :)

Congratulations again and we wish you and your family the best of luck in the next few months of adjustments and the infinite years of joy to come!