favorite way to start out the day

one of my very simplest pleasures in life is taking my girlies for strolls around the 'hood.

i love everything about it:

the wholesome recreation.
the birds chirping.
the break from {most} forms of technology.
livy's chubby legs dangling & kicking.
chloe's entertaining commentary about the "decaying cactus" & the spelling out of every street name.
the semi-aerobic exercise.
the peaceful vibe of my sauconys hitting the pavement.
the passing around/sharing of the headphones/ipod shuffle.
the constant stream of this song in my head as i enjoy the beauty around me.
the time i get to reflect on my many blessings, particularly the two choice ones that sit in the contraption that i'm pushing.

with sippy cups & snacks, two thirds of us in pjs & the other third with her dress on backwards, we head out-we meander where'er the wind takes us. ~for about a half-hour or until someone starts whining {whichever comes first}.

i'm so obsessed with walks...
i love them.


uno problem:
az's weather has been slightly "spicey" for the passed, well, forever,
making it {virtually} impossible to endure such a tradition.

so imagine my excitement when the overcast-ness this morning
allowed us to pretend that summer is {FINALLY!} coming to a close.

today on our morning walk i was dreaming of sipping hot cocoa, fall wardrobes of leggings & belted sweaters, and plans of walking to preschool & fry's for an occasional morning donut [with sprinkles!].


someday, arizona, we won't have to pretend.
but, i'm not gonna lie-it was fun to have a mini taste of fall this morning.
thanks for that.


The Wizzle said...

I am SO ready. Bring it on, fall!

granny said...

We are paying for our extraordinary spring I suppose. Come on Fall!

Burgess said...

I was just thinking this morning how nice it will be to take morning walks again. I was just daydreaming, though. Go you for actually seizing the day and getting out there!

Unknown said...

i really don't like when it's overcast, so you assume that is will be chilly outside... so many times it is just as hot. it's cruel. i'm glad that wasn't the case for you this morning!!

Unknown said...

**that IT will be chilly.

oopsie. i hate when i have typos.

Bev said...

I love your life and the fact that you'll share it with us!!! I wanna go on a walk to........it's gotta be a little cooler for me though....I don't look as cute as you do with sweat dripping off my "Mary Kay" face!!

Two little lovebirds said...

I have been meaning to comment on so many of your posts... but baby number 5 takes up a lot of my time!!

I am right there with ya on this weather thing in az... too hot for me by this time of year!! Your girlies are so cute!