things that make me smile today

my shaggy, adorable dog.
[not to be confused with my shaggy adorable dog's footprints on the freshly mopped floor.]

birthday pedicure gift-card style.
{thanks roberts!}
ps: fabulous service & massage! tracy *480.766.9298

livy looking so, so grown-up. {in the line for emissions testing}
*hurts my heart & brings me so much happiness all in the same picture.

sweetest eric & jentry {or "jench" as chlo' calls 'er} having chloe {+ mr. mcbutterpants}
over at their place for a special movie/date night.
*they watched chloe's choice of "my little pony" {bless their hearts} & "cloudy with a chance..."
[jentry hilariously pointed out, eric = fleet lockwood]

31 new library books.
& reading to my girls all the live long days.


Jamie said...


Bev said...

I can totally see whya this makes you happy!

granny said...

Cute cute cute.

The Wizzle said...

That's most of my favorite things too! Looks like a fun stack of library goodness. And totally cute pink feet!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I love the five chinese brothers! I actually went and bought it since I'd remembered it from MY childhood!