re: living my best life

i’m diggin[my plan] slash theme for 2009.

it’s simple & yet still challenging, kinda.

i feel like i have direction.

*me likey.

but there are still {a few} more specific things i’d like to fit in the cracks.

so i’m makin’ a blog-list of extracurricular randoms that i’d enjoy

accomplishing in the next 362 days or so.

keep in mind though: these aren’t resolutions.

*just angie-it-would-be-cool-if suggestions.

i’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself.

{i do that enough as it is.}

but setting goals and making lists is fun.

[and i like fun things.]


so, here we go:


*gracefully survive january & all it's anxiety-inducing-deadlines.

*let go of expectation.

*give your little fam the very best part of you.

*start tickling the ivories again.

*lose weight or stop crying about being large.

[one of the two]

*k, back up...how ‘bout just lose weight.

[like say, by christmastime.]

*once skinny{ish}: prep husband & then chop your hair like samire

armstrong just after her anna-on-the-OC days.

*breathe deeper.

*cultivate lasting friendships with fellow ward members & neighbors.

[read: stop being a hermit.]

*execute a non-dramatic olivia-delivery.

[via scheduled c-section.]

*execute a non-dramatically-hormonal first three months of olivia’s life.


*learn to fully embrace being a mr. miyagi owner.

*convince chloe that eating food/consuming calories is necessary to living past the age of 3.

[but how?]

*remember birthdays.

*have someone teach you the “i-before-e except after c” spelling rule & all related/annoying exceptions.

*work on punctuality.


*live worthy of the spirit.

[and allow it to guide you.]

*somehow become girly again.

*discover new cool music for your currently-stale playlist.

*pray for confidence & strength daily.

*spice up your blog header.

*crack open your year-old rebel manual & learn how to use it.

*cease to have sugar play a heroin-like role in your life.

*enjoy a few simple/cheap home improvement projects that will make your home more homey & functional.

*go on a hot date with your cute husband, monthly.

*become a confident-ish non-gormet-chef for your family of four.

*continually clean out car/cut down on your white-trashy-ness in this department.

*con someone [who is an attractive redhead named myron] into resurrecting your hard drive and then print/organize 2008 photos.

*maintain a clean downstairs so you don’t want to kill yourself every time an unexpected visitor arrives.

*make your home a place where visitors WANT to unexpectedly arrive.

*“love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you.”

*stop gossiping altogether, ‘cause it’s self-serving & kinda ugly.

*purchase a small-n-frugal, yet fashionable-n-unique, new & improved angie-wardrobe.

[aka: grey hanes pocket t's everyday=unacceptable.]

*combine your café rio punch cards, ‘cause you have like 72.

*email ryan every sunday & try not to be boring.

*stop making awkward comments.

*make darn sure certain my, chlo’ & liv know how much you love them on a daily basis.

[by word & more importantly: deed.]

*laugh more than you ever have in a year.

*stretch in the morning.

[excersize if you’re feeling ambitious.]

*live YOUR best life & no one elses.


happy saturday!


Doll said...

Just randomly came across your blog and noticed your last resolution/suggestion thing there about living your best life...

Just reminded me of something someone once told me:
"All you can do is be yourself. Everyone else's personality is already taken."

Happy new year xx

runningfan said...

First, there's nothing like an Angie post to brighten my day.

Second, you should read a book called "Woe is I." It's a funny-yet-practical guide to all the annoying grammar rules. And it's like 75 pages instead of a five-pound rule book.

Third, I like your blog header!

Fourth, we should definitely bring back angieinshape this summer.

Fifth, if you find out how to accomplish your wardrobe goals, please clue me in.

mademoisellechitchat said...

You KNOW that I can personally help you with the phonics rules.

Your Ph.D. scrapbooking student. ;)

heather said...

i really like the the live your best life and no one else's statement. Yup. I do.

Drew and Tarah said...

i love this list! how motivating! i need some goals like this! thanks for inspiring!

Erin said...

I know we all struggle with this in our own way. Heaven knows I am NO exception... but I just can't imagine that you'd have to work on your confidence. The way I see it, you have to much to be confident about! You are hilarious and very inspiring and I'm glad to be called one of your e-friends. Happy goal setting!

Coree Adams said...

Hey let's make a Dunn/Adams resolution that we hang out/see/drop by/go to the park etc, AT LEAST once a month! I miss you guys way too much...I'm kinda in a small depression because of it. :(

Coree Adams said...

Hey let's make a Dunn/Adams resolution that we hang out/see/drop by/go to the park etc, AT LEAST once a month! I miss you guys way too much...I'm kinda in a small depression because of it. :(

sandalloons40 said...

yes, find please do the angie in shape. I have oh only 60 lbs to lose once I just got myself off those hormones for almost 2 months, once and for all.
Now the doc said 50% of my weight gain oh 10 years ago was from my hormones.
but, the ? still is the other 50% is from what?
could it be bread, I eat 12 grain, or those saltine crackers, or soda, yes it must be the culprite.
do Angieandshape, please oh please so i can get this flubber off.

The Wizzle said...

this? was awesome. I am totally jazzed to do my own resolutions, but first I need more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. Then, and only then!

Lots of mine are the same as yours, but I promise I didn't copy. I think little mamas like us just have a lot of the same problems (wardrobe, I'm looking at YOU!)