sometimes i like to steal pictures from my dad's flickr page & post them on my blog because they make me happy.

hollar in a large wig.

ryan trying mentos+diet coke.

clodhopper rappelling.

a glimpse o' the garden of eden.
{aka} my grandma & grandpa's BEAUTIFUL garden.

my adorable grandparents/owners of the garden of eden.

chloe @ 1-ish month.
[newborn perfection.]

perhaps the two cutest halloween costumes i've ever seen.
[eve & devlin as eve & wall-e]

elder dix hilariously posing w/ the large nokia brick in croatia.

dixon christmas eve [post santa's visit] circa sometime in the 80's.
[i was the one that scored the oven!]

ty helping gavin say cheese.
{i can't look at this picture without smiling.}

myron being entertaining at the park.


a tiny mongolian burrito.

granny, gramps & chlo' playing ring-a-round-the-rosey.

heaven with blonde fuzzy hair.

proof as to why chloe worships her aunt holly.


that was fun.
& i love my family.

[happy friday!]


runningfan said...

That WAS fun! Do it again sometime!

runningfan said...

P.S. I wonder why I don't still own a lemon-yellow unitard. Those were SO cool!

The Roberts Family said...

so fun! do it again, any time!

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Your dad really looks like Grandpa minus a few decades in the ring-a-round-the-rosey picture. It's cute! I think all the Dixon boys have a lot of Grandpa in them.

rachbechep said...

so i was going to say.
"you're right...that WAS fun."
then i saw heidi said the same thing.
well. looks like great minds think alike! :)

you're awesome ang!

Unknown said...

Wow, that was fun Angie.
I love the last one the best.
Anyone wanna tea party. or cupcakes instead. Yummy!

Jamie said...

Too fun! U r awesome!

PS - You make adorable babies, can't wait to meet the next doll!

PPS - Where did you get your planner in the last post?

That's all , thx!

Vicki Johnson said...

Man, you are a rockin' cutie

mademoisellechitchat said...

Beautiful sibling photo! It's great!

Sweet LORD, where does your mom get the courage to rappell? I cannot even muster the courage to walk AROUND a deep pool to the patio door while looking at homes for sale. Yesterday, a male friend had to hold my hand so that I could do so.

Why? I am just a klutz.

RE: your comments on my blog about house shopping, it is utterly frustrating, especially when you love the house, but know that it will not receive a good inspection (i.e. yesterday's beautiful casa).

Enjoy your Saturday!

m = michelle said...

you're not lying, that was fun!!!

wow, your little sis looks exactly like you - lucky girl!

MeL said...

This is proof why wigs are always a good idea and/or purchase. Am I right or am I right?

Also, I LOVE your sibs picture, and would like to get one of my own. Wait, not a copy of your picture, but perhaps a picture of my sibs.

And lastly, Ty helping Gavin say cheese/have a bowl cut also made me smile.

Oh how I love the Dixon fam!

Marilyn said...

May I be the 12th in line to say..what awesome fotos! And I want to be BFF with your grandma. I LOVE her flower garden!

The Fletchies said...

Holly wins world's best aunt award and now I know why you are obsessed with newborns. Chloe IS perfection in the picture.