clean slate love

my theme for 2009 is inspired by a comment my blog-friend susan
made back in november.

instead of setting five-point-seven million resolutions this year,
i have decided to just focus on the three things she profoundly listed in her sweet comment.

*be faithful
*lay up in store
*unencumber my life

at the beginning of each month, i plan to set a goal within each category.

throughout january, i shall be working on readin' my scrips daily, creating a much needed 30-day meal plan, & replacing some [not all] wasteful DVR time with more important/productive angie-b'ness.

2009 is my year to finally chill out,
prepare for the future,
and above all: really {enjoy} my days.



Bella Estella said...


runningfan said...

fabulous outlook, girlfriend!

heather said...

This is a good idea. I think keeping it simple is the best, I really like what c jane wrote yesterday. You should check it out. And I think I may follow suit. :) I still haven't written out anything yet. Its still floating around in my head. Picking and choosing -you know how it is.

Ashley said...

I love the idea! Happy New Year! Creating a 30-day meal plan is a great goal. I should do that too!

Marilyn said...

(P.S. I'm always ready to hear new ideas for meal plans-don't forget to share)

Claire said...

I think I'm copying your idea... I love that you have three areas that you are going to set little goals in each month. I tend to do that anyway, but I never write it down. So this year, I'm going to follow your example and track it on my blog! Thanks for always being so inspiring Angie! I absolutely love your blog.

The Fletchies said...

I have some maaaaajor clean slate love myself. There's nothing better then a new year where you can start new traditions/habits and be a better person. Seriously the BEST thing ever.