this weekend i went on a date with my boyfriend.

i'm in love.

{the end.}


mademoisellechitchat said...

CUTE POST!!! I love this photo.

Child, I am up working on a Power Point presentation for these chirren. When do I present it??? - - - in THREE HOURS.

As Mr. A. would say, "Oh, good, GAWD!"

I am back to this grind. Indeed, as the song says, "Jesus takes me to the wheel." This morning, it's more like, "Jesus takes me to the CROSS." I cannot sleep. I don't know why I get this way the day that a new semester starts.

Love ya!

Marisa and Rob said...

How fun!!! What a cute couple!!! :) Were going to miss you guys! :( Hope you will keep in touch!!


AMEN to that! you two are so cute together!!!!

I love my boyfriend, too :) and i still have a major crush on him....and our dates DO NOT have to end at MIDNIGHT!

KP said...

um wait. you and your hubby are so cute....love!!

Heidi said...


You're such a beautiful person. You brighten life.


rachbechep said...

this post. made me smile.
i love it.