i'm thinking butterfinger

remember my bff coree & her sweet baby ashlee?

if you live in az,
come on over to golden spoon fro yo tonight between 6-9pm!

ash has a big surgery coming up this week
and 25% of all proceeds this evening will help cover her medical costs.

{see ya there!}

oh, & happy monday!



i hope she gets lots of money & you will be blessed, too, because you are doing this for such a wonderful cause.

Kylie said...

I've never been there, but herad a ton about it--this would be a good excuse/FHE treat!

The Roberts Family said...

hope its ok but im going to post this on my blog too!!! :) i love to copy you!!!

Unknown said...

I am sorry just read it or we would of come out and helped. We did help in that awesome yard sale by marilyn's casa. we were coming from church as Jesus, our son is an altar server and had a meeting.
ok, thanks for the information.
I love butterfinger also.

The Fletchies said...

Eating food to help a baby? Thats my kind of fundraiser. I got cake batter and fudge brownie. Delish!

Unknown said...

I wish I lived there so I could have gone. Hope there was a GREAT turnout!!! What a precious little baby girl :)

cori said...

if i lived there, i would get butterfinger!

i hope coree and her baby all the best. sweet little babe.

you are such a great friend. to everyone.

give corree with 2 ee's my best.

love, cori with an i

Unknown said...

i chose the fudge brownie & it was delish... good luck with future happenings baby ashlee!