living in the moment [or not]

top ten things i am
really really, really really really
looking forward to

...in no particular order...

5:23...aka [about] the time my security guard husband, will walk through the door {in uniform}, kiss me hello & ask me what i want to buy for dinner.

being totally [and completely] moved
and having my toothbrush, my laptop, my scrapbooking supplies, my deodorant, and my family all under one entertaining-dixon-roof.

meeting olivia kate {earthly body style} for the very first time.

putting on my nikes [post] c-section recovery & jogging my life away, [sweating a river], and exercising my guts out until i feel as though my heart is going to fail.
*and thus, a few months later, weighing less than myron.

completing, delivering, and being compensated for the current/massive scrapbook job/blessing that i am busily knee-ish deep in.

jack bauer [again] this evening.

the az summer sunshine, being able to fit my big toe into a bathing suit, and pool visits a-plenty with my 2 beach babes, come july-ish.

redeeming the muchos-appreciated pedicure gift card i got from cute jenny via the scrapbook etc. gift exchange.

checking the mail tomorrow. for no reason other than: i like checking the mail. [it's fun.]

but most of all:

hitting the pillow, closing my [very] tired eyes & leaving this day & all of it's totally unnecessary-angie-scatterbrained-related-drama in the pizzity-past.


happy tomorrow, yos!


Marisa and Rob said...

What a cute post!!! :) You make me smile every time I read your blog!! I'm glad you liked the nook in Amirra's room, I hope Myron and figure something out for ya. Rob just got done with the bookcase and love it. :) Have a wonderful week!!

The Wizzle said...

Jack Bauer better take it easy tonight - I already have NO fingernails left from yesterday!

heather said...


[p.s. is just a smile a cheap comment?]

runningfan said...

I'm with on number seven, dude! This month's OB visit offer a major revelation: I currently weigh, at five months pregnant, what I did before my weight-loss extravaganza of '08. Moral: I was freakin' large and didn't realize it! We'll have to race each other to the finish line, girlfriend!!!

Unknown said...

At oh approx. 8:09am this very fine day, I check your very hilarious blog, then before that I got up at 6:30ish, made coffee(I know, I know not good for me but, I must have my 1 cup per morningish)
made my certain sweet hubby lunch in the skillet
(made me gag a little that early making anything),then check on my loving but, very noisy game animals.
Roosters a crowing, geese a sqawking, ducks quacking, and of coarse chicken talking. Huh?
so, meanwhile you make my day!
I can't wait to meet Olivia Kate either and buy her surprises and then I can't wait to get into shape as I am slowly losing inches and water weight being off hormones.

Hey when is you official due date?
I was thinking March??

Kate said...

Oh, I just basically heart your guts in extreme fashion. Really. I love you. No lie.

Kaelene said...

You are so cute Ang! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you out . . . just cuz I think you're great and wanna give back, for all that you give to me! ♥

Sassy said...

You are always such an inspiration...you just keep pluggin' along with everything on your plate....I sure do ♥ ya! xoxoxoxo

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Woman, if you want a running/exercising partner/neighbor post-Olivia, let me know. Because neither of us want to get raped when running on the canal. Scared.

Peg and Parker said...

What a fun post! I hope you know that you are just the the doctor ordered so many times. You look very cute by the way, just like a cute little pregnant girl should. Happy tomorrow indeed!

stephanie said...

you are GREAT..i love, love, love checking on your blog..you word things so wonderful..very inspirational!!

Ashley said...

I love making lists of things I look forward to too! It looks like it'll be such an awesome year for you! :)