itchy but cute

i love this clearance-old-navy sweater on chloe.
[for obvious reasons.]

but apparently it kinda itches & has a
tag that = her nemesis.
she HATES it.
"pweeze, i no wear blue, mom." she says.

so i told her to take one for the team & sport it for a picture,
and then she could change into her purple jammies, drink muscle milk, & relax to a DVR'd episode of wonder pets.


*yes: my daughter LOVES muscle milk.
[we have to ration her intake.]

*yes: wonder pets is a very odd show.

*yes: we often change into jammies in the middle of the day.


[happy-more packing, moving, and making more progress than i did yesterday-friday!}


Marisa and Rob said...

I love the ichy sweater!!! She looks good in that color! :) I love clearance things at old navy and everywhere else! :) Have a great weekend!

runningfan said...

Super cute pics of a super cute girl (sweater notwithstanding). Have you tried an undershirt and/or removing the tag? ;)

good luck with the moving!

reddladybug said...

Seriously SOOO cute! I miss seeing ya neighbor!

angiedunn said...


yep: even though i removed the tag, she thinks it's still there. the memory of it's ichy-ness haunts her. (:

Alisse Baldwin said...

Um, I'm pretty sure I have that same headband, and it looks much more adorable/appropriate on a 3 year old!

She's a total babe, Angie. And I imagine Olivia will be just as perfect!

Oh, and P.S.- I'm pretty sure we'll have at least one child with the same name... I love Liv, and Kate, and probably more that you already have on your list. Maybe they'll be friends in the year 2023 or something fun like that? :)

Marie said...

Isn't it funny that little kids totally have an opinion about what they wear? I hope people remember this when they see Grace sporting what she wants to wear, and give me a break:)
Chloe is a doll. Seriously. Alan and I say that every time we see her cute picture.

kacee said...

What's gonna work? Teamwork!

This song will come in super handy once little liv gets here, promise.

We like the Wonder Pets at our house, although, I can't quite get over the dog one...

{singing} tinkle, pee pee, wee wee

Then exclaiming: Celery always tastes great after a nice pee!


Staci said...

VERY VERY cute sweater! I'm glad she let you take some pics, before putting on her pj's:)

Good luck on the move!! I'm excited to see where things take you in 09! It'll be a great year FOR SURE with 2 darling little girls & a hubby at your side!

mademoisellechitchat said...

I love my mom, but she would have kept me in that sweater becuz it was pretty and she didn't have such nice things growing up. . .

Picture it - me being 3 years old running to my Daddy, begging him to plead my case. ;)

BEAUTIFUL PICS! Thanks for the kind words on my blog!

Beth Curtis said...

ok that really is the cutest sweater ever. You can put it on Olivia in the future :) Please come back. I want to have a Dunn/Curtis party!

The Fletchies said...

seriously the itchy thing is annoying so even though it is cute I side with Chloe. I still remember my itchy Christmas dress. Worst part of it was I was the youngest of Emily and Amanda and so I got to wear it when I was 3,7,and 10 because my mom had it in all of those sizes. I HATED that dress.

Julia is right by me and she just said...the brown and gold one? I HATED that dress. Point proven.

rachbechep said...

look how cute she is...

Billie said...

she's a doll with or with out blue sweater!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the itchy thing....my girls still complain out the itchiness factor. Suck it up and deal with it, I say....

Sara! said...

Lenny, Tuck and Ming-Ming too!

It's very odd, but it gives me 30 minutes of sanity.

(Chloe is nicer than Oakley, he's decided he'll only wear red shirts. Fun times all but 1 morning a week, he only has one.)

Ashley said...

Those pictures of her are adorable! I love the sweater too, too bad it's itchy!

Marsha Ward said...

Adorable! You have a lovely family.