the suite life of myron & angie [+chloe]

we made it.

our gilbert house guests have arrived from the east.

and us dunns
{with the help of all 4
of our saintly parentals}

have successfully moved all our boxed-up belongings to dixon-suite #5.
{aka eric's old bedroom.}

it feels happy & good to be settled here for a time.

[i love my family: a lot.]

i promised myself i wouldn't blog [until] i had completely unpacked & organized our stuff.
{hence my MIA-ness.}

i am pleased to report, that has been accomplished, and now i can move on to my next project [read: crisis]...

i will be in scrapbook city
for the next 5 days if anyone needs me.

{happy tuesday, folks!}


runningfan said...

I need you!

But...I am glad you are getting settled. I miss Suite #5 sometimes.

And best of luck with the Banner Book. Please take pics so I can see your amazing work!!

rachbechep said...

ive missed my happy angie posts!!!
come back again soon!!

granny said...

So glad we get to chill together for a while. Thanks.

amy mo said...

Yay for you for being so on top of things!! I'm pretty sure that I would never be able to unpack and organize just my room in under a year.

BTW, you're amazing. Seriously. And way too nice. When I own my zoo I'll give you & your fam lifetime passes.

Kaelene said...

I have missed you! But, am glad to see you back . . . AND unpacked! Very impressive! YOU GO GIRL!!

sandalloons40 said...

{I ditto Rachael's words} been checking and checking.

If you ever stop blogging, some of us will go into a very deep depression.

No just joking. LOL
But, it is nice to hear from ya lady!

I am glad you are allowing winter residents to hang out at tu casa for a while. that is so nice of you!
My hubby says we should rent some properties as that is what is good to do, but, I have always been afraid of the {what if's} major repairs. YIKES

Has this ever crossed your mind?
I know like you told me before you have great renters, but, didnt' know some of the logistics of renters.

heather said...

Good for you! Enjoy the changes and have fun scrapbooking! But we DO miss you.

MeL said...

I can't imagine a funner life than living in the Dixon residence! Um also, if you need any help punching out circles or putting sticky dots on the back of things...or basically anything that I can't mess up, let me know! I'm on break this week and have nothing but time on my hands! Like for realseys, call me if you need help or a QT run, I'm good for both!

Unknown said...

glad you're all moved... happy scrappin! (:

Coree Adams said...

Glad you guys are all settled. When your scrapbook madness is over, let's have a Dunn/Adams night!

Angie said...

We miss you tons! But we're glad you're unpacked and settled. Good luck with everything!