blog-ya later!

me & google reader/blogspot.com are breaking up for the week.

we'll kiss & make-up in february.

i've just got {too much} to do:
& my unconditional love for the internet/YOU has been {too much} of a tempting distraction from my worky, here lately.

*see ya next month.



mademoisellechitchat said...

Love ya, chick!

runningfan said...

You'll be missed.

m = michelle said...

I always hate it when you take a blog break, but it makes it so much sweeter when you return!

The Wizzle said...

see you on the flip side. :)

sandalloons40 said...

I'll Miss ya!
There is a sweet surprise at SBE for ya!
♥ Michelle
P.S. I just love my Valentine Card I made and hopefully you will too.
later next month!

amy mo said...

My heart is crying tears of sadness right now, but I understand. Good luck with everything you have to do!!

heather said...

i always miss you when you take these little breaks!

Sassy said...

I agree...I hate it when you take a blog break...but I admire you for it all at the same time...it is a great time consumer...I know I will have to answer for it...I will miss you and good luck on your projects...♥ ya

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

FYI: clearly we are both hermits because I have yet to see you on our street as you have yet to see me. Sad face.

Jackie said...

One more day "until next month"! We are already going through Angie withdrawls!!

Missin ya bunchEs