it's february folks!

all pre-olivia worky-ish deadlines are behind me.
and i'm feelin' GOOD!

this is a sample of the ha-uge scrapbook job/blessing i've been working on for the past 6+ weeks.

i designed a 50 page, 2ft x 4ft scrapbook for banner baywood medical center.

due to my {unfortunate} photog skills...it's kinda hard to see...but you get the idea.

big job.
glad it's signed, sealed & delivered.
indeed thankful for the opportunity.


um...what else?

my new class @ scrapbook etc. was last week as well.
{scrap it simple.}

here are the three layouts we did:

and here are the extra lickity-slip 4x6 panel card {ideas} that i displayed at class.
[can't wait to put my 2008-snapshot album together...]

ya know, eventually.

in celebration of being done with a very crazy january,
and the beginning of my {very} favorite month in az...

i visited rolf's to color & chop my hair.
[thanks again sis...]


and this friday night....
my CUTER than cute little sis/flat-mate holly
is performing in a talent show.

i think you [yes you] should come.
because she's basically a total professional.
she'll be playing piano/signing a song by mae.
{i've heard her practice.}
and it's amazing.

it's four bucks a seat.
@ TJH/aka my old stomping grounds.
and every ticket helps send her on a choir-disneyland trip.

if you're interested in comin', email her for tickets.
or read her cute blog for more information, dawgs.

and until we meet again...

happy february!
[i can already feel the LOVE!!]


The Wizzle said...

Your hair is ADORABLE. And that's a seriously big scrapbooking job! It must feel insanely good to be done with it.

runningfan said...

Ah, happy February. You made it! Mom told me you got HUGE props on that banner book...go you. I was just about to comment on your long-and-flowing hair when I saw that last pic. You can pull of short-n-sassy like no other. I want to be you.

Brandis said...

Holy smokes, woman, you HAVE been busy!! Congratulations on getting that huge book done and all those other darling things that keep coming out of that creative brain of yours. :)

rachbechep said...

hey ang! how about we plan a girls week one day and you teach me how to rock scrapbooking? and we can do a bunch of other girly things too?

mademoisellechitchat said...

Beautiful scrapbooking! Gorgeous hair!!! It was great seeing u last Thursday.

Kim said...

Love your new hair! I love all the pages sorry I couldn't stay at class Thursday night. I will miss not having class for a few months but totally understand. So relax and enjoy your time before baby Olivia blesses your wonderful little family.

Beth Curtis said...

I can't believe how crazy busy you have been! I love all of your cards. Your hair? to die for! totally gorg. I love the color on you.

Marilyn said...

Wow-awesome scrapbook for the hospital! I hope they paid you well. Thanks for the photos from class-I hope to get to them before the end of the month-ha-LOVE THE HAIR! It's my kind of style-you know that.

Holly said...

yeah i am pretty much obsessed slash jealous about your hair. (grammer check? haha.) and once again, i heart the banner book. and thanks for spreadin the word :)

Coree Adams said...

Wow Ang, that project for the hospital is awesome! Way to go! How did you land that job? Your hair is to freakin die for! I must say that my hair has not been touched by a professional since Barbie did my hair in like...OCTOBER! Sad I know...but that's the life of us poor folk!

Annie said...

LOVE the hair! LOVE the lickity slip cards! And, oh my word, the project for the hospital is amazing.

You, young lady, have been working your tookus off!


Unknown said...

I love the new hair! It was great to see you in 3-D and your cute girl and cute tummy, too. Long live Target (and ice cream!).

Unknown said...

PS Way to go with the BIG scrapbook. What a fun (but totally overwhelming, I would think) job!

Heather said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back! I always miss seeing your posts when you're away! Cute hair!

joeyship said...

Now I know where the rest of my share of talent went (part of it went to Katie--and the rest to you)!!!! What darling things you have created.

I love the hair. The color is a lot like my latest. You are SO dang adorable! Loves ya!

amy mo said...

You're a scrapbooking GENIUS. I wish I could see all 50 pages of that project! I really need to get back into the whole scrapbooking thing.

Your hair is beautiful. It makes me want to give Rolf's a try sometime.

Sassy said...

OH FOR STINKIN' CUTE....Seriously love your hair!!!! That always lifts spirits and makes days brighter...you look just so cute! Can I say WOW? Now that's a scrapbook...holy schmoly! They must love it and what an honor to be asked to do it. Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments girlfriend!

The*Evans*Family said...

Your 2008 cards make mine look very sad Angie! I might need to copy those for 2009.

Unknown said...

Wow, Happy February! {my most favorite month also}plus I love the number 18! Great job on that hospital job!
And I would love to come to the talent show! Can I purchase tickets at the door?

I know exactly where the school is as I pass out postcards for the boutique flyers and I go there once per year, plus I went to Mesa High,{oh so long ago and went to functions to TJH for some reason or another}

And you went to Rolf's, Yikes isn't that expensive?? I tried before for the make over on Good Morning Az but, made it on the show instead with Tara. LOL

you are so cute pregnant or otherwise. Only 1 month to go. YIPPEE!!!
I bet your ready! P.s. What do you need for this sweet bundle of pink joy arriving??
See ya sometime.

Jackie said...

Okay call me lame, but I so want a lickity slip album with those panels in it. Can we say GET SOMEONE TO KIT IT - WE WOULD BUY IT! Please oh pretty please