sweet child of mine

i've had a [serious] *lack* of motivation the past couple of days.
like: serious.

note to self:
not a good thing to have when there are deadlines-a-plenty looming over your head.

i'm not gonna lie:
my mood the past 48 hours,
{it's been gettin' me down.}

so, tonight i shall list three things that made me really happy today.

and then: i shall GO BACK TO WORK!!!
{until my man gets home from swing-shift.}

1. my amazing mom did all our laundry today.
[special wash pile included.]
clodhopper=my angel on earth.

2. the voicemail from my texas-bff on my answering machine.
[we play phone tag for at least 3 weeks before we actually talk]
even her messages just cheer me up.
{kaytie: i miss you!}

3. chloe telling me {repeatedly} the subject of her nursery lesson on sunday.
"heavwly fadder has a pwan"
[translation: heavenly father has a plan.]
*it's the cutest thing you'll ever see.

i love my sweet mom, my sweet friends,
and this sweet child
of mine.

{happy-hopefully insanely productive-weekend!}


Coree Adams said...

I totally hear ya on the not feeling like doing much...being down sitch. Love ya girlfriend! Always have, always will!!!

runningfan said...

Enjoy that angel mother for me! And good luck on your projects.

P.S. Chloe is freakin' adorable, and just lookin' at her makes me super excited for middle-of-May-ish!

J-mama said...

Super cute...I think the bad attitude virus has been going around! Very contagious!

Macey said...

I think phone messages from KT cheer everyone up-cute kiddo!

Lisa said...

I told myself when I woke up I needed a game plan or else it would be another empty day...

Here I am blog serfing.

Good for you though trying to get the motivation going. I need to do that too. I think it's being the prego thing that makes us lazy.

Brandis said...

I think the lack of motivation is a January thing. That's my excuse, anyway. :)
I LOVE the age when kids start spouting off things they've learned in Primary. It does my heart good to know that they're learning what they're supposed to learn and it always makes me appreciate the AWESOME Primary leaders & teachers, of which you were at one point, so THANK YOU! :) And your daughter is sickeningly cute. I can't get over her hair, I love it. :)

Unknown said...

Oh how sweet she says Heavenly Father. Oh precious.
Hey by the way I can't find your email, can you please send it to me via mine:sandalloons40@cox.net
thanks as I want you to show Chloe our new big ducks, and our new little babies. YIPPEE!!!!

Kaytie Brown said...

I liked it a lot better when I could just "meet ya at the fence". I'm gonna try again right now...

Kapri said...

miss you ang! Can't wait to meet that babe of yours. Oh, and so jealous that you get to live with Granni...Rome would love to live with his Granni!:)

Sassy said...

Your little Chloe is so dang cute! I wouldn't want to do anything but play with her and listen to her cute words...I so love how kids speak...and how special is your mom...that is awesome...I can't even get on top of mine let alone my daughter's and their families...wow...your mom is makin' us other mom's look bad...but I like her example and your's...you ALWAYS brighten my day!

Ashley said...

I totally feel that way too!!! What is it about January? At least it will be February soon!