one year older and wiser too

23 things i've learned while being 23...

1. spray painting in the garage is a really bad idea.

2. cafe rio rocks costa vida anyday, hardcore.

3. arizona is actually a really fabulous state, even if it's sorta uglyish

4. people that say stretch marks go away are pretty much lying to your face

5. 1800 square feet is a LOT harder to keep clean than 1200 for some reason

6. halloween is SO much more fun with a kiddo!

everything is SO much more fun with a kiddo for that matter

8. target has a lame return policy, but it's still the best store invented

9. pepsi is overrated {jk, i wish that was for reals}

10. i can {infact} drive to peoria without having a panic attack

11. anonymous comments on blogs aren't really fair

12. i probably will never be a size 2 again, and that's okay

13. costco truly rules

14. i want to marry tile

15. blogging is a necessity apparently

16. owning a dog is actually kinda happy

17. target brand diapers do the trick {and save me 4 bucks}

18. 103.9 the morning ritual isn't as funny w/out our heather

19. being a mom=joy on a stick

20. planning ahead is the key {that i can't find}

21. waking up early-ish makes for a productive-ish day

22. 25 gallon fish tanks sometimes like to randomly crack open out of no where

23. people named clodhopper are saints

it's been a great 365 days. life has gotten even better. the gospel has gotten even truer to me. and my love for my friends and fam is that much more out of control!!

love you guys!


Unknown said...

duh duh duh happy birfday! {gus gus, cinderella} HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANG!!! i loved this list {like i do all lists}! you are so cute & so is your perfect little family! i hope you had a SPLENDID birthday!

Michelle said...


but back this bus up! You're only TWENTY THREEEE?!?!??!

HOW HOW HOW on God's green earth did you get to be SO funny, and SO smart, and SO insightful, and SUCH A GOOD PERSON at such an young age???

Pretty much ANOTHER reason I love being your friend!!!!!!

lunch on me! Got it!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! We need to do lunch or something! I miss birthday's at scrapbooks etc, they were fun! But, for reals lets get together!

HooHoo said...

I love you AND your list. You made me laugh and cry all in the same list. I have to agree with pretty much everything on your list, especially #23. I think a long time ago your Grandma said to Clodhopper, "I hope you have one just like you." It came true and here you are just as happy, fun, hilarious, insightful and wonderful
as thy mother before you. Here's to another fabulous year ahead! I heart you and yo mama.

Unknown said...

I disagree with #2 but I definately agree on #8 and #11.

I've already said this before but I love reading your blog. You make ordinary things be so fun to read about!

Unknown said...

I am so rude. I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday Angie!

cori said...

happy birthday. you know so much for ONLy being 23! keep smilin. love, cori

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Angie! :) Love all your tidbits..right there with you on the target! I should for sure have some type of stock or ownership in that store by now! :) Hope you had/have a fabulous birthday!

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday! Shoot. I'm a month right on time. Remember when you brought me my birthday present a month early? I still remember what it was because it was so awesome. Red Vines and Pixie Sticks. You told me to pour a Pixie Stick inside one of the Red Vines and you were right. It was good, but man, all the sugar!

You are one cool chick.

P.S. You totally got my hopes up by posting 5 comments on my blog. For a fleating moment, I thought I was popular. I'll be going back to my 0 comments mentality tomorrow.

Sara! said...

Happy Happy Birthday Angie Dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish then it would be, a happy happy birthday to you from me! (Happy Birthday in close to true Jones fashion, if it were true birthday fashion, it would be over the phone, and when from G&G Huber, a duet on two phones and in an extremely high octave.)

Hope your day was great! It's kinda pathetic that I'm a freaking 4 years older and I'm still just learning these things too, and I am not embarrassed to have my son in carebear diapers because, it saves $4! I had a dream last night that Jason got me an 80 gallon saltwater fishtank for my birthday and it cost $2000 and I was ticked but trying to act so excited, so I'm glad that he didn't really especially if they CRACK! Sorry to talk about dreams, like Brian Reagen says, you're asleep when you're having them because they're boring. Have a great day!

granny said...

Happy b-day again....hoohoo was right....and I hoped YOU would get one just like YOU, and you did. You deserve it, angel, and I love your guts. Your lists always make me laugh while I'm crying. I must be getting old. :)

Coree Adams said...

Wow Ang...you have learned A LOT this year! But I'm sure the list could have gone on and on. I miss you my friend! We need to hang out soon before I die of Angie withdrawls. I know I just saw you like...hmmm less than a week ago, but you know! Ok love ya girl!

The*Evans*Family said...

Happy Birthday Angie! Just reading your blog makes me have a happy day! Oh and by the way... I am now the proud owner of that mega sized adhesive gun. Go me!

Staci said...

Happy Birthday! I was beginning to think that stretch marks never fade & now my thoughts are confirmed...ughh. Oh well---I'll take a thousand stretch marks if I get a kid out of it! I love your list of all you learned!!!

MeL said...

Hey Angel! I wrote you an e-mail...and I feel kind of dumb telling you now as if I'm expecting a response ASAP, I just know that I rarely check my e-mail now that I blog 24-7! So anyways, it's just about project/no projects because it's summer and too hot Friday. SO yeah, let me know if you're interested!

Brooke said...

the fact that you ever fit into a size two is very impressive! isn't that like pinkie-size?

happy birthday!

The Candlands said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Hope your day rocked!

Jenn said...

Ang- Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday! We definitely need to get together sometime soon- it's been forever since I've seen you and I agree with Ames- I sooo miss birthdays at S.ETC- they were the best!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Angie! Yes, I am stalking your blog. I have to say it is the best blog ever. In fact I was thinking you should host a class on how to create a blog!:)

Mark Dixon said...

You are one word - amazing!

Case said...

Girl! Happy Birthday! I feel honored that you look on my blog now....but a little intimidated because yours is so funny. I can't just scroll down the pictures like some of the others, i have to read every single word.....which is quite the time investment....but well worth it. Happy b-day friend! YOu are wise beyond your 24 years.