discourse o' the format

dear nate & sam,

how do i love thee? let me count the ways:

1. heavenly voice, mad guitar playing skills
2. you sound even more amazing live
3. you have cool wardrobes {hence this photograph}
4. last show you had a tambourine player
5. when i'm sad, your music makes me happy...except "on your porch," 'cause lets face it...that song's kinda depressing
6. nate- your hair makes you look like a girl, but a pretty one (:
7. you forced me to remove my permanent house coat last summer/post c-section, & replace it with real clothes, to attend your lovely-ness
8. 'member that tiny show @ asu like 5ish years ago, and you basically sang to my soul?
ya, good times.
9. last time you performed for 2+ hours, sang janet {which i love} & even had an encore
10. aka you ne'r disappoint
11. my cute husband myron also enjoys your {happy} tunes
12. and {drumroll please} he & i will enjoy your amazing talent tomorrow in concert, and pretty much CAN'T WAIT!!
see ya in 36ish hours boys.

sincerely yours-
basically your number one fan,
angela michelle


Alisse Baldwin said...

Dear Nate and Sam,

I also love your music- especially when you used to play with local-ish bands in run-down venues. I will admit, I do like to listen to "On your porch" when I am in a sad/mellow/even depressed mood. I don't like, however, when you smoke in between {or even during for the matter} playing songs. You should kick that habit.


Michelle said...

Dear Nate and Sam,

Who are you? I'm old, nice to meet you :)


Unknown said...

dear nate and sam,

i am also a BIG fan. love your music, and am really jealous of angie {who gets to see you in concert}. i will be working, but also would rather be playing golf{like your shirt says}. ha ha!


dear ang,
thanks for starting this chain letter.

dear alisse,
thanks for continuing the letter on to the comments!

cori said...

dear nate and sam,

love your music, i am still in love with bono, and eddie though. have fun with your girl ange tomorrow.

love, cori

Coree Adams said...

Dear Angie (thought I'd break it up haha),

Yet ANOTHER Format concert that you will be at and I won't. That inhales...can't say I'm as big a fan as you are, but I do love their music....and "On your porch" is pretty much my favorite of their songs even though it is depressing and sad. Ummm JEALOUS!!! K thanks bye!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

What?? What?? We tried to get tickets and it is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!! Julia is pretty much furious at me because I told her she had to psycho clean her room in order to go, which she did. And now we can't go. Ooops I am so sneaky..

Kelli said...

Man, am I jealous. You are one lucky duck.

Becky said...

you are too funny! i have tickets to the show but i dont think i am going. I told casey he better bring me a DANG awesome tshirt and cd. Love my girl and all but can i please find a babysitter? :( wah.wah. wah. :)Have fun!

MeL said...

Dear Nate or Sam,
Unfortunately I've only met you in person once, so I don't know which is which, but I like the way the singer of the two of you sings. Your voice is so silky, but what I like most about you singing is that I can see all your teeth and you just look so very attractive. That's all. I love your mouth.

Love, Melissa

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Dear Casey, Becky, and Mylie, i don't know you but up till july 16 you can download format's new cd dog problems, for FREE off their website. i just wanted all to be aware of this amazingness. i promise this isn't some lame illegal deal it's for real.

Dear Angie, i can't explain my extreme jealousy... -Julia