3 years & one day ago,
this was me:

4 weeks & 4-ish hours ago,
this was me:

so far:
best two moments of my life,
"by a country mile."-as simon cowell would say.

oh, ya know,
with the exception of this moment:

{that was a pretty dang great day too!}


[happy 3 years], sweet chloe.

and [happy one month], little liv.

you both bring purpose to my life & joy to my heart.

*& you too, myron.


ps: for a festively-cute post about chloe's birthday extravaganza, go here.


runningfan said...

What a sweet family you have!

The Roberts Family said...

*tear* your too cute! and your girls are the cutest things alive!! {im not kidding about the *tears*

rachbechep said...

loved this post! definitely brought a smile to my face. and i LOVE LOVE LOVED that this was a TOTAL angie post!!!! you're awesome!

Lori said...

I loved all of the pictures. Your parent's backyard is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday big girl!!

beth said...


mamamuniz said...

Aww. Happy Birthday to Chloe!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to cute Chloe... and happy one month to sweet Olivia. You have a beautiful family.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Time FLIES and it's not even my baby! I recall when Chloe was Olivia's age.

Have a WONDERFUL Easter!

Beth Curtis said...

so sweet! Happy birthday Chloe! We really do need a Dunn/Curtis night. When are you coming back to us? Baby Curtis and Livi are totally going on a date when he is done cookin!

Jackie said...

Isn't God GREAT!!! Happy B-Day Chloe!! Ang- Emily said she would bring you your goodies!! I hope you got them. I know they are big, but will be good sooner than you know it!!

Unknown said...

happy happy Birthday Chloe and Happy 1 month Olivia!
I am working on your goody bag of goodies! Isn't life grand?
happy Easter Chick!

Megan said...

Ok, I have to ask...Did you make Olivia's SUPER WAY CUTE headbands? If so, how do I make them? You know, just in case 1 of these babes I have growing inside me is a girl. :)