q & [hopefully] a

me & the girls have a few life, organization, television, and cleaning-related questions.

feel free to hook us sisters up with some answer[s], if you feel so inclined.

here we go: ahem,

1. what are the rules on shredding documents? like, is it completely unnecessary for me to have srp & cox cable statements from 2003 in a box chillin' in my closet? i think it is: but i don't know what to hang onto & what to throw out. obviously: keep important house papers & stuff...but can i destroy all my bank statements & random monthly bills...if i can just get it all online in .2?

2. is it normal to already have cankles at 20.6 weeks along?
[retaining water=my favorite pastime.]

3. why do disney movies have previews? i mean: let's get real. we {always} skip them...and it {always} takes three annoying minutes. [patience might not be my virtue.]

4. anyone know of a super-rockin' hardcore cleaning agent [besides bleach, kaboom, comet] that will clean my plasticy-white-shower & have it look a-mazing/sparkling NEW? i'm open to products that pregnant women aren't allowed to use...{honey-do?}

5. is it startling to know that christmas is in 47 days, 9 hours & 21 minutes-ish? and while we're on christmas: who has a fabulous carmel corn recipe? i'm thinkin' about doing that for my neighbor treats....if i have neighbors, wherever i am.

6. did you watch the office last week & this week? [of course, hilarious.] but, is there a holly-shaped hole in your heart? {because there is in mine.}

7. anyone wanna pay for some gum-grafting surgery for me?
[quote: approximately a million dollars a tooth.]

8. is this post negative?
['cause i promise: i'm not bitter.]
having a really good day, actually!


thanks in advance for any input or suggestions! (:

angie, chloe & olivia


Unknown said...

I can help with the swollen question aka cankles... Yes you can be swollen this early, I feel you sister! I was swollen sooo early and continued to get worse and worse. {Note to self: don't be pregnant during the hottest part of the summer!}

Proof of how swollen I was {everywhere}- a week after having Lola, I had lost 27 lbs already... Yes, all water weight and proceeded to lose 23 more in the next 6 weeks or so... Be glad its water weight and not real FAT ha ha

Kapri said...

Yay baby Olivia! So glad you picked that! Anyway, I don't know if they sell it anymore (I stocked up last year) but shower power rules...do not use while pregnant...make hubby do it :) I have a fab caramel corn recipe...I'll email it to you...and can I just get a "seriously" about the kid movie previews...they drive rome nuts and me as well...especially in the car where I haven't figured out how to fast forward :)

Marie said...

Carmel Crunch

9 c. popped popcorn
9 c. Crispix cereal (or I've used chex)
1+ c nuts (pecans,almonds, cashews, peanuts)

1c. butter
1/2 c. light corn syrup
2 c. brown sugar

Microwave about 5 min, stirring every minute or so. Then add

1/2 tsp. baking soda

Pour syrup over popcorn- put into 2 jelly roll pans coated with cooking spray. Bake at 250 for 45 in. Stir every 15 min.

This makes the crispy kind of caramel corn, which I love. (Please don't judge me by the nasty brownies...)

Uh, shredding, I keep one cox bill around so I have a phone number to call when it's not working. (Can't really look it up online if it's not working...this was self-learned.)Everything else pretty much goes in the shredder. I haven't missed it. 12News is hosting a free shred-a-thon on Nov. 17th. But maybe wait until someone more wise than myself tells you it's okay to shred...

Chelle said...

Document shredding:

The rule of thumb is to save your monthly bills (SRP, phone etc.) for 12 months. But you can totally ditch them if you need to. They are mostly worth keeping for budgeting (how much do we spend a year on.. etc.) or for proving you paid them in case the company screws up.

Any document used for taxes should be kept forever, or for 7 years. It just depends on how much risk you like to take. That includes bank statements (but I only keep mine for 12 months.)

Since you might be buying/selling property keep those bank statements organized and at the ready. They always want copies of those.

I file my statements by month (Jan, Feb etc.) So once a month I pull out the stuff from a year ago and shred it and fill that folder up with the new stuff.

I am with you on the DVD's. VCR's were so much easier for toddlers to operate on their own and skip through the FBI warnings. We had it so easy! *wink*

cori said...

i love you and your cankles.

oh my!

olivia? i love her already too.

i am so upset i didn't see the office. now i feel all left out.

my friend gave me an awesome carmel corn recipe. i am not even joking awesome. check your inbox for the recipe, and a "mccoy style" pic. you'll love how we do carmel corn.

ok, this is long. i'll keep going..

cleaning agent. bingo! not for your showers, sorry charlie..{i just let comet sit for over night it'll do the trick, but go sleep at your mama's...the fumes, the baby...} but. do you folks have a "family dollar store" there in az? because. i bought the most awesome-est cleaner. i did a load of whites. yes WHITES and a red, crayon...{eeek, i know} went through it. for the LIFE of me, i don't know how it got in there. but i am SO SERIOUS. it all came out. all of it. i used the WHOLE bottle of "LA's totally awesome all purpose concentrated cleaner" but for a dollar? who cares? you must go get this stuff. and if you can't find it, i will get you a bottle. you know how i found out about it? its what they use in the temple. blessed holy bottle.

{i might just give that away to my friends this year for christmas.}

and i say YES on shred. do it, and watch it all just go away.

we are same same in that dept. i get all mad at myself for hanging on to that stuff. put on a movie, shred away, then got all mad again because i can't hear the movie.

ps. you have beautiful gums. silly girl.

runningfan said...

I miss Holly, too. I wonder why she's gone. And can't wait to see how Dwight crashes Angela's wedding!

JTLYK, Tyler wants you to come to our ward Christmas party. He wanted to know if "everyone in the whole state" (I think he meant stake) could come, so I explained about our ward members coming. Then I said that we could also invite people not in our ward/church to come -- that would be nice. So he thought for a minute and said, "how about Angie?" I said, "You mean Chloe's mom?" And he said, "Yeah, could she come? That would be fun."

So you are loved. By a four year old. :)

Best of luck finding your A's.

Malia said...


I think this is my first time posting a comment on your blog, but I couldn't resist! A cleaning product that I adore and that cleans porcelin, and the cheap stuff like my countertops is called The Bar Keepers Friend. It comes in a gold can (kind of looks like a comet can) and you can find it at Bed Bath and Beyond for a few dollars, does wonders.

Second, carmel corn. This recipe changed my life:

3-4 bags of popped buttered popcorn
2 cups of brown sugar
1 cup of caro syrup
1 cube of butter
bring above ingredients to a soft boil for 2 mins, then take off heat and add a can of sweetened condesed milk. Pour over the popcorn and wait for life to change.

Malia (Meadows) Call

The Goulding's said...

Ok, I have a GRRRREAT Cleaning thingy for showers! It's called Scrubbing Bubbles: Action Scrubber. It comes in this kit thing with a handle and a few pads. IT WORKS AMAZINGLY!! SUCH an easy honey-do for sure! I actually enjoy using it because it works so well! Almost as amazing as Magic Erasers!


Lisa said...

Lysol bathroom cleaner worked on our shower last night. Let it sit for 3 min. before wiping it off.

But here's my grandmas's secret that really really works! Starting with a clean shower, after you take a shower wipe it down with your towel after you dry off. Takes effort, and I wish I had energy for it, but my grandma's 50 year old shower looks brand new, no lie. You'll never have to offically clean it again. It's the left over water that makes it dirty.

And...don't hate us, but Jared and I were glad to see Holly go.

Lori said...

As Chelle stated above the rule of thumb is to save at least a years worth of your statements/stubs (the only year supply I have - ha)Your bank statements can be saved the same way, but now with modern technology, you can view your statements online and so you are paperless and well safe at the same time.

The problem with saving your documents and keeping them all nice and organize is that if for some freaky chance you are broke into and robbed, a nicely organized box of documents will be like gold to a robber/thief. They can use the information themselves, or sell it to fraud rings. You can go online and get copies of your tax papers too. If you do store documents and your social security number is on them, just black out (magic marker/sharpie) through the number, just leaving the last 4 digits showing.

Once you find a really good product for cleaning a shower, let me know. I am at the point where I want my husband to just take everything out of our bathroom and start all over again. I hate my shower and the doors are so spotted that I will never get them clean again.

Unknown said...

Ditto on Barkeeper's Friend, and I think I got mine at Tarzhay. It looks really old fashioned, but it works on my sink. I use Magic Erasers on the shower. I like that they get all the grippy non-stick bumpy thingies all cleaned up.

McMemories said...

Oh my gosh. Love the name Olivia, like IN-LOVE. So dang cute!!
I use(now don't laugh because my moms housekeeper uses it and works perfect, definitely not for preggers though)its a toilet bowl cleaner called THE WORKS. Its hard core and cleans it super good. Its like $1 at wal-mart. K that's my confession today..I clean my shower with toilet bowl cleaner.:)
Been loving your posts girl! You are so awesome I tell ya! :)

MeL said...

Just last week I shredded all of our monthly bills and statements and whatnot for up to a year ago, because we had saved ALL OF THEM since we had been married. And I'm fairly certain that clicking the button "Go Paperless" while checking my online accounts gives me an ulcer just thinking of it because it stresses me out.

Oh, and if a Clorox Wipe can't clean it, then it doesn't get cleaned at my house. AKA, send the product and honey my way when you find something amazing.


did you know that Vinegar is a very safe way of cleaning things and it works GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Alison said...

vinegar works on almost everything. Also, if it needs scrubbing first, use baking soda with a sponge (do it while you're USING the shower to save time) and then the vinegar. Half of a cut lemon works well on some surfaces too.

Kristen Arnett said...

Unfortunately I don't have the answers to any of your questions, but I sure did learn a lot by reading other people's, so thanks for asking them! Just wanted to tell you what an excellent name you chose for your new baby girl! One of my favorite names was Lily, but Tanner vetoed that one. So, later we decided with both LOVED Olivia. And the best part about it was that one of her nicknames would be Livy which is just one letter off from Lily. :) Oh, and I'm still laughing about you calling yourself "one of the most off-the-charts high-strung individuals in north america"! You are hilarious and totally inspiring. Thanks!

Erin said...

Olivia! Cute cute. Ok, you are a funny girl. Just had to let you know. All valid questions.

KP said...

i freakin LOVE the name Olivia...good choice!
as for your questions...um i have no clue how to answerr pretty much all of them. except for...yay for christmas coming! doesnt it JUST seem like christmas happened like 2 days ago?? haha.

Unknown said...

Hi! Cankles mean you are sposed to put those feet up girlfriend. Spend more time with that DVR!!! Enjoy the naps while Chloe will watch Disney and nooooo guilt! Love the name Olivia, thanks for sharing.

J-mama said...

I am so not the person to get household cleaning tips from! But it looks like you have gotten tons of good advice, so I'll just say cute pic of Chloe and cute Olivia name..gotta middle yet?

The Fletchies said...

Why are they obsessed with ruining michael's life? I mean I know that he's supposed to be this pathetic unhappy character and all but I loved Holly and she left MUCH too soon.

If you need a stellar popcorn popper for the carmel corn let me know because I use mine every night and have it programmed as a meal on dailyplate since I have it EVERY day sometimes twice...ok so I'm obsessed and maybe need to stop indulging in like 400 calories a day but I LOVE it and can't stop.
So maybe you removing it from my house for a week or two would be a good thing?

Chelle said...

Why am I craving caramel corn all of a sudden?

And is anyone going to try out all of those recipes and tell us which one tastes the best and is the easiest to make because I can't decide where to start!

Hope the cankles are better Ang!

Unknown said...

Hey girl, this is my new blog, thanks for the inspiration. Here's to not waiting another day and to not regretting that I didn't get to know you sooner. I forgive myself!
Love, Vickihttp://vjjinaz.blogspot.com/

mist said...

You need to clean your showers with the Magic Eraser. No chemicals and it works like a charm. It will wipe the soap scum off in seconds. It is cheaper to buy the Target or WalMart brand...they are all the same thing. You have to try it. It also removes permanent marker, crayon, scuff marks, etc. from hard surfaces.

angiedunn said...


You are awesome!!!

I shall report when my shower is sparkling, my popcorn is consumed, and my documents are shredded!

You rock; I knew I could count on my e-friends to hook us up.

Tanya Leigh said...

Well.. I don't know if someone already divulged this, but I always am impressed with the lovely way "Softscrub" removes (ever so easily) all the grime from [even textured] tubs/showers. :)

Who's getting gum-graft surgery? Ooo. So fun...

The Candlands said...

My suggestion for the shower comes from a year of trying to get my nasty 30 year old shower clean. I stumbled upon the concoction one day of a Mr. Clean magic erasure and Soft Scrub. It worked for my shower, but everyone's is different. Good luck! And someone else posted what I was going to say about bills. I have a file folder with 13 pockets. The first pocket I keep our most important documents {i.e. birth certs and immunizations} then each pocket thereafter is designated a month and when it comes to that month I shred the previous years bills and insert the new ones. It also has a smaller pocket that I keep envelopes, stamps, and address labels to pay the mail in bills. I got it at Walmart. Anywho, good luck!

Amanda Jane said...

I love the name Olivia! Congrats. Organizing, packing and being pregnant? You are like wonderwoman be careful.
#3 Amen.

Jessica said...

Easy not so carmel carmel corn -

Buy some crunchin munch and white chocolate and regular chocolate. Melt the white chocolate and toss the crunchin munch in the white chocolate. Then drizzle with the regular chocolate. YUM!