to: granny & gramps

{pardon me while i kinda brag for a sec.}


i just need to let it be known in blogdom, how much i love & appreciate these two individuals.

aka my parentals.
{and to chloe: granny & gramps}


let's start with mark:
my dad is a spiritual rock and an amazing father.
he is a hard worker & has the up most integrity.
he teaches me by example.
he texts me just to say hi & check in.
he gives me fathers blessings when needed.
he inspires the {heck} out of me: see here.
he loves my mom deeply & it's [totally] obvious.
he sends my entire family updated awesome spiritual e-uplift weekly.
he serves, and protects, and supports, and provides for his family.
he is good to my husband & goes shooting with him.
he's a hip blogger, facebooker, and social media communicator.
he loves the lord.
he is kind hearted, slow to anger & fun to be around.
he takes me & chloe out to dinner.
he would do anything for his peeps.
he helps me so much, especially when myron is workin'.
he plays house, reads books, pretends, and just chills with my chloe.
{and more...}

and for claudia:

my mom is an angel. [it's true.]
she is: w/out a doubt, my best girlfriend.
she is {no exaggeration} the most selfless individual ever invented.
her middle name is lee, but it should be lifesaver.
she calms me down, bails me out, and loves me unconditionally.
she makes me food, lifts me up, mops my floor, and runs me errands.
she babysits for me while i work & stuff. {aka a ton.}
she listens to me talk [sometimes for hours].
she often says: "what can i do to bless your life today?"
she cuts ribbon, lays out cardstock, and endures my complaining until 2am+.
she helps me to feel better about myself.
she goes by clodhopper to all that admire her...because she's cool.
she is [freaking] hilarious and oh-so entertaining.
she has the cutest clothes, haircut, and glasses.
she is down-to-earth & compassionate.
she is beyond-thoughtful in word & deed.
{and more...}


i sure dunno {what the heck} i did to deserve these two, fer real.

but i definitely do thank the lord for 'em every stinkin' day.

thank you
mark & granhopper,
for being a.may.zing.
i love you {prolly} more than you'll ever know.

[happy saturday!]


rachbechep said...

angie, i definitely agree that your parentals are pretty dang AWESOME. they are definitely on my "favorite people" list. you're a lucky girl.

granny said...

Aw, shucks...ya made me cry. Thanks for being such a great offspring. Makes being parentals so much easier!


that is soooo sweet and you totally take after your granny! my daughter said that your granny doesn't LOOK GRANNY-ISH!

that is a MAJOR COMPLIMENT coming from a 10 year old!!!!!

MeL said...

I, and all the Joneses, L-O-V-E all the Dixons, especially your parents. Close families, like yours, truly warm my heart.

runningfan said...

Awesome tribute! Couldn't agree more.

Mark Dixon said...

You are so nice!

Mark Dixon said...

You are so nice!

Coree Adams said...

Your parents are beautiful. That picture definitely shows their amazing spirits shining through. They are lookin hot too! I wanna be like them when I grow up.

Alison said...

Holy cow, you look just like your dad! Sounds like you have wonderful parents. Lucky girl!

Jamie said...

Um . . . they must be amazing look at y-o-u!

heather said...

They are so cute!! :)

Holly said...

aww :) they are great aren't they

reddladybug said...

Ditto. Period.
Well said.

Sassy said...

I ♥ THAT...no wonder you are soooooo AMAZING! How lucky they are to have you and visa versa!!!!

Erin said...

Are you kidding me? You look just like you're dad! I followed the link to their blog... and no wonder you're hilarious. You and your mom sound a lot alike. Yay for good parents!

Unknown said...

So your parents are adorable and sound amazing!! How blessed you are lady :) and how blessed are they to have you as a daughter?!

simplyshye said...

I TOTALLY agree !!! You have fab parents !! I do have to say i'm specially fonds of your mom ;-) !!!
So glad I found upon your blog ! Good to see you last week too
loves --shye