another one bites the dust

my better half is now officially under the weather too.

good news is though:
apparently chloe {DOES} know how to share!


and despite my best efforts at avoiding sickhood,
body aches & chills indicate i am due for a few days of {blah} myself.

[i suppose] we are super thankful to be gettin' this
all out of our system before olivia joins the party...

but let's get real:
i'll be kinda ecstatic when all is good & {healthy} in the world again.

[happy monday!]
*...and pass the kleenex, would ya?


The Wizzle said...

Oh my goodness, David is sick too. What is the deal? I hope it stays away from me and my kids - we've already had our share this winter! *passes out extra vitamins*

runningfan said...

Yikes! Get well soon!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Hope that you feel better soon!!! I was in your shoes two weeks ago. It SUCKS.

Sassy said...

Feel better real soon...no fun feeling yucky!!!!!!