a simple pleasure of mine

cleaning the casa &
jammin' a newly created playlist.

such a joy to me.
i'm in the best mood, like, ever.

*even after jake's ridiculous decision
tonight on the bachelor.

what's on my new playlist?
[thought ya'd never ask....]

*just a bunch of songs
that remind me to
look forward & be happy.


be ok, ingrid michaelson

hard times [come again no more], eastmountainsouth

who i am, jessica andrews

dream, priscilla ahn

hey soul sister, train

wide open spaces, dixie chicks

belief, gavin degraw

gotta have you, the weepies

you found me, the fray

shine on, rascal flats

wishing heart, lisa loeb

better life, keith urban

mouthwash, kate nash

ordinary day, vanessa carlton


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

awesome playlist.

i love it.

granny said...

If it really makes cleaning the casa a pleasure, it is a great playlist!

Lori said...

I'm thinking about adding a few of your songs onto my playlist . . . I wonder if it will make me want to clean my casa more ~ worth a shot!

Laurie said...

Music always makes cleaning so much easier and enjoyable!

The Wizzle said...

I'm going to turn some music on RIGHT NOW because I'm definitely cleaning the house and heaven knows it's not lifting my mood like I was hoping Maybe I just don't have the magic combo!

The Parkers said...

I need to get me an ipod or something and start doing this...sounds like it is good motivation! Thank you for saying something about Jake's decision I have been waiting for someone to say something somewhere whether it be a blog or facebook and no one has said anything! I am totally in to the show and I have never been before...it's very sad LOL

Coree Adams said...

You are so beautiful! I can't wait til our kids are all better so we can hang out!

Sassy said...

Just curious if I would clean if I had a playlist...........I need to pump myself up with somethin'..........you are too cute...I just listen to my songs on my blog and then one of my sons comes in and changes it to their crazy stuff......so cleaning comes to a screeching halt...hahahaha....yes JAKE IS JUST STUPID....I am so not happy with him...in the beginning I thought he was kinda smart....stupid trash that I choose to entertain myself with and I seem to really like it.......better get myself a playlist so I can get it together...huh?

Unknown said...

How fun. I love good tunes while cleaning! You are too cute!

I agree about Jake. I think that is all the proof I need that the show is staged even more than we already knew!
The only reason Vienna is there is to piss off the viewers! She is oober trashy! Ha ha

Unknown said...

Correction- more *staged* then we already knew.

Staci said...

Oh Jake. I hope you end up happy, I really really do. You seem so nice!

PS. Love the playlist!