taking care of myself

today consisted of
lots of {awesome} angie-forgetfulness,
some *very-minor* humiliation,
the beginnings of a migraine headache.

but since i'm in the new business of being my own best friend,
i've decided to forget about all of that,
& treat myself to a night of things that make my heart swoon.

tonight =
an evening full of:

sorting vintage buttons
my boyfriend, simon cowell.

{with a side of dasani & tylonol pm.}

*i'm already feeling better. :)


runningfan said...

You can't just say "minor humiliation" and not explain yourself!

But I'm glad you have a new BFF. You rock.

granny said...

Sorry about the headache. Be good to yo self.

Laurie said...

Hope you had a good evening and you are feeling better!

The Wizzle said...

I'm not sure what this says about me (or you, or that I care) but sorting buttons and watching "guilty pleasure" TV (my choice might be Say Yes to the Dress - there, I said it) sounds like heaven!

Minus the headache, of course. Bummer dude.

Anonymous said...

hey girl! i am glad you are taking time to Comfort yourself!
you have to promise to share Simon with me.... i'll take him on the odd days of the week & you can have him on the even days ;)

Natalie said...

awwwh i want to join your business. sheesh; heaven knows i need that.

you rock.

and i hope you feel better.

ps the brownie in the comment below is staring at me. how enticingly it is staring..still staring..nope; glaring.


Lori said...

I'm in love with Simon too - just so you know he's closer to my age than to yours so I think I would have far more in common, plus I can talk with a British accent. Eat one of your brownies and skip the water and have a Pepsi - that headache will quickly disappear. I speak from experience.

Unknown said...

your cute! I would of sorted your buttons, I love doing that. Good luck with the migraine. And ya know I should get your one of those took like box thingy's that you have drawers like mine for your buttons, brads, eyelets, do dad's. Ya know Angeles got me one, hum, wonder where she got that.
and I have stuff for you dear sweet girl!

Sassy said...

oooooooooooooooo I ♥ vintage buttons and Simon that would be a great fix for a headache for me...oh and wash it all down with a diet coke with cranberry........yeah now we're talkin'