things i love right now

i have this sweet {bluebird of happiness} that my friend cori sent me.
every time i see him chillin' in the window, he reminds me how content i am.

i have inevitable change looming right over me, but i am content in this moment.
it's a beautiful thing.

i love waking up to happy kids.
k, back up...i don't love waking up.
but because i
have to wake up, i'm grateful to be greeted with smiles and love that just radiates from my baby's window-to-the-soul-ish blue eyes.
i also love that chloe calls breakfast, "brefkast."

i love opening every blind, window, and door of the house to let the beauty of february-arizona fill my soul. i also love that my husband sacrifices his preference of the blinds being closed, so that my spirit can feel that light & warmth every day.

i love staying in pjs until whenever i feel like it.
and wearing eyeliner & lipstick only on the days i want.
and i love being happy about both.

i love the home we live in now.
i'm prepared for the possibility that it may not be forever.
but i am grateful for every second we have here - it's been such a gift.

i love the new perspective that i have been blessed with lately.
and the inspired people & god-given tender mercies that have helped that be manifested.

i love my trials because they are teaching me to really, legit-ly pray.
....and that "every-hour-i-need-thee" kinda prayer is bringing me peace that i've seriously never known before.

i love hulu.
i love that even though the economy is lame & i can't afford cable/dvr...
i can still watch my shows after my babies go to bed.

i love my family.
i love my husband's family.
i love my myron-chloe-livy-me, family.
i love that we all chose each other.
i love what we can/will/are teaching each other.
and i love that we have eternity together because i'm a pretty freakin' slow learner.

i love music.
i love how for every mood there's a matching playlist.
from mo-tab: you fill my spiritual cup, to billy joe armstrong: you make my heart swoon.
i love it all.

i love to create.
i am completely giddy at the thought that since i'm cutting back on work a ton.....i {might} be able to make time to do a few diddies for me & my fam/friends.

i love the gospel of Jesus Christ.
there isn't a piece of me that doubts it's truthfulness.

i love peeps.
ya know: that candy that people love or hate.
*i love.
and i'm going to eat some right now.


runningfan said...

Fabulous post, sister! Love you.

P.S. Flock told me that I had 7 new, unread blog posts. Six of them were from one chick way at the bottom of the list. As I scrolled up, I thought, "I'm only going to read the other one if it's from Angie." And it was! Yay!

The Wizzle said...

Yay! I love this post too. But I hate peeps. Gross. More for you, I guess!

Cheeri said...

I still say "brefkast" :)

granny said...

I LOVE...you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

mademoisellechitchat said...

i love my trials because they are teaching me to really, legit-ly pray.
....and that "every-hour-i-need-thee" kinda prayer is bringing me peace that i've seriously never known before.


reddladybug said...

i LOVE that you've been on a blogging frenzy!

Heather said...

i second that... i love your blog updates recently, & I'm stealing your love post idea! Thanks for being awesome!

Britney Jean said...

i love this list and i totally agree!


i ALWAYS have my blinds open. it's so much happier when the natural light shines in. i love music. i love family. i love creating. and i miss it. it's been too long. i love pj's. i love tender mercies. i love trials. great list ang.

sandalloons40 said...


Bev said...

You are amazing....simply amazing!!

Sassy said...

I ♥ YOUR LIST............you certainly make me happier....I love that I met you years ago when our wards combined...I ♥ the ♥'s you showed me how to make....I ♥ your little Chloe...I ♥ that you were so thoughtful when our daughter got married you left the cutest package at my door just for me....that touched my ♥......I ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU!