i have a.d.d.

six months or so ago i decided....
k, i'm gonna start a little at-home mommy biz.

studio angieinpink was born.

i made business cards.
i advertised.
i got the best/sweetest clients.
i made many-a invite and scrapbook.

i loved it & it's been SUCH a blessing to me & my posse.

{thank you from the bottom of my ♥ to those who supported my endeavors!}

as it turns out, it's not for me.
*not right now at least.

i'm steppin out of studio angieinpink for a while.

i might post in the etsy when i feel like it...

and i'm keeping a *few* of my regular clients,
as well as all my february commitments.

but after listening to that little voice inside of me....

i've come to the conclusion that i just
need to be a mommy and a wife right now.

& i'm prepared to make some hard sacrifices to do so.

i feel a need to focus more on these babes
that mean more than anything to me:

& dedicate more time to my monthly day of fun
@ my real job, scrapbooks etc.

speakin' of which....
i have a class tomorrow!
here are the pages!

*photography by porter house photography

i'm making a few extra kits,
so if you want to: sign up! :)

i'd LOVE to see you!



Chelsea said...

Good for you!! I just got rid of my "job" that I have been doing (for free...) and I feel so so so excited about our new family time. There is a time and a season for everything, right?!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

ah man! i wish i could go! those pages are adorable but my day tomorrow is cRaZy!

way to go on that decision! i'm sure it was a hard one. but if you feel it is right (for now), i'm sure it is!

in the meantime...still post the projects you do have time to do! i love your creativity...it inspires me!

The Wizzle said...

Good for you! It's hard sometimes, to leave things that you really do enjoy because they just make life too crazy. We've had to do the exact same thing. I hope it's a blessing for you.

And the kits are *beautiful*, as always. I guess if you saw my blog about our valentines you probably recognized a few die cuts and various bits and baubles...:)

Coree Adams said...

Way to be Ang! You are so talented, but who better to share those talents with than your sweet girls? Hey...maybe you 3 can start an angieinpink empire one day! :) LOVE YOU!

KP said...

hey angie!
i am pretty sure i saw you at the store yesterday afternoon...i was working. i was too busy to come say "hello" but wanted to on here! i know...i'm lame haha.
but anyway, im not workin there much longer cuz i found a full time job so if you are in there within the next week hope to see you! :)

runningfan said...

Gooooooo Angie!

Lisa said...

Ohoooooooo Angie,
Way to go girl..............nothing
more important than Myron and those
babes! (But don't forget Angie too)
I love you Sister Dunn,
Lisa R.

Bev said...

So, does that mean no more shopping at your place, after I just found you? So sad!! We're still on for our girl night with Sassy, right? Keep bloggin', please!

Sassy said...

Those pages are too die for....how much are they? I wish I could do the classes..........those are some dang hard choices and desisions....I know...been there done that......good for you......YOU ARE SO GREAT and ALWAYS my inspiration!

Annette said...

You do what you have to do for your sanity and for your family! As I look back on raising my family, the happiest times were the poorest times, but with me at home with a house FULL of kids!