like, basically the most exciting thing ever.

k, world.
my babies are sprouting!!!
{can you see 'em?}
and i'm SUCH a proud little mama.
dozens of teenies are poppin' up galore.
i smile every time i think about those happy little rows.
ya know: just when i was thinkin' arizona couldn't
get anymore beautiful right now-
it did.


runningfan said...

I SEE THEM!!!!! And I am so totally jealous.

Just think, maybe when they're all big and beautiful, I'll be there to enjoy them with you. :)

Sassy said...

Well...look at you......that is exciting! Yes...I agree after all the rain we have had and our weather...it is pretty much perf! You are a great mommy and those babies are lucky to have you!

kacee said...

Jealous! These dreary Utah days are seriously getting me down!

ps- I'm super proud of your awesome planting skillz! (:

granny said...

Careful now. You just might be coming down with "the disease." Ain't it great?

Kristen said...

It really is the best when things start poking their little heads through the dirt. :)

amanda p. said...

hey! I saw mine pop up today too! we are going to have zinnias popping out our ears. and I don't mind if I do :)

Marilyn said...

I know exactly how you feel! It's sooo fun! Congrats. I need to get mine planted before it's too hot!

Lori said...

Way cool . . . I keep looking at my garden, hoping to see something, but nothing. I hope all of the rain hasn't drowned my seeds. Can't wait to see future pictures of your lovely flowers.

Coree Adams said...

Way to go green thumb!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

that's so exciting! i want to grow a garden...i just don't think i'd be a very good garden momma..

Bev said...

OK...I have to go to Home Depot and buy flowers already up and plant them cuz I can't make anything grow! Good job....sure makes ya proud...huh?

Unknown said...

ya know that it is all this rain, really cuz I have flowers popping up galore, I am glad for the rain except for mushy, icky, muddy farm side of the land. :)
but, our gardens should have great land as my sister gave us some mulce that was delivered to her. She is now for her 4 acre farm on her 5th garden. She has huge ones.
take care and can't wait to see how big these get. Yippee!!!!