kiss me, i'm irish

chloe rocks the leprechaun look,
wouldn't ya say?

thanks goes to her
preschool teacher
for being genuinely awesome 24/7.

*because this picture, will forever & always,
make my day.


Bev said...

Amen~to: Chloe being the cutest dang leprechaun I've ever seen and to her having the BESTEST preschool teacher EVER!~ Adorable....

Holly said...

K, Angie + Chloe + sis Skinner... with forever and always,
make. my. day.
Happy st. patts.

Holly said...


rachbechep said...

um. so. cute.
i love the fun things for the holidays. :)

Lori said...

So cute - perfect picture for her future wedding video.

S and B H. said...

What preschool do you have her in? I am asking around trying to find someone for next year! Thanks!! Cute blog...you are so fun!!!!!

Mike said...


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Sassy said...

The above comment is a "TRUE THAT".....they have come to the right place fo sho!!!!!!! I ♥ ♥ ♥ that little leprechaun myself.....makes me feel truly lucky knowing her!!!!!!! Thank you for letting me part of her life...

Burgess said...

How amazing is Kayola? I just want Izzy to go there until he's 13!

Unknown said...

i love her.

runningfan said...

Adorable! I love it!